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Goddess Reiki &


Angelic Reiki 

Attunement & Activation


Level 1 and 2  Certification

Goddess Reiki- The Portal to the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters

Angelic Reiki- The Portal to the




These unique training programs are designed by 

Lisa Gniady & Veronica Ruiz .


Goddess Reiki

Level 1 Certification

The Portal to the Divine Feminine Ascended Master


Awaken the Divine Feminine

To Elevate the Healer Within

What makes our Goddess Reiki Level 1 Training Different?

This Goddess Reiki training will be a day weaved with Ritual, Partner Connection, Meditation, and Creative Movement to spark the Kundalini Goddess Energy. We will call in the Earth Mother to renew our Feminine connection to the Mother of all Healers. Our journey begins with Ceremony to merge with the collective sisterhood energy, opening the next layer of our Consciousness. Through guided Meditation we will explore our Inner world, Illuminating the Magic within. There is nothing more rewarding than improving yourself to help Heal the world.


Healing Power of Goddess Reiki 

You tap into an Infinite Source of Power when you combine the Ancient Symbols of Usui Reiki & Goddess Reiki in a Ritualistic manner, activating the Divine Feminine. You will receive a New Goddess Light Activation Code along with codes for Clearing, Grounding and Protection. Through Ceremony we will create a Healing Sanctuary of Sisterhood as we Elevate our Consciousness, Activate our Priestess selves and open a channel to our Pure compassionate heart.


What is the benefit to taking our Level 1 Goddess Reiki Training even if you are already trained?

      Learn about:

  • The Ancient Codes & Sacred Symbols

  • Healing through Love, Light & Intention

  • Ritual and Ceremony

  • Being a channel of Healing Golden Light

  • The Mystical Ways

  • Goddess Energies: Kuan Yin, Kali, Isis, Mother Mary, Magdalene

  • The Chakra System

  • Chakra Crystals

  • 7 layers of the Aura

  • Essential Oils

  • Creating Sacred Space

  • How to Clear, Activate & Protect the Healing Space

  • Vibrational Healing Tones

  • The Illusion of the Ego

  • Elemental Clearing

  • Reiki Hand Positions

  • Calling in Goddesses and Ascended Masters

  • Being a conduit of Universal Energy, opening your heart and helping heal humanity

Why Our Locations

Most of our Goddess Reiki trainings have been chosen for their energetic significance. Each site either has a spiritual or nature connection to amplify your training experience. When you tap into the healing energy of the miracles of Mother Gaia you awaken your inner potential. We will clear our Channels on the Vortex sites and rebirth. When you connect to the land, you Awaken to the Healer within. This Rite of Passage will Ignite your Inner Goddess.


If you can’t travel to us- we can also come to you! We can bring our trainings to your yoga, healing centers or private home!

     Goddess Reiki Level 1 Certification Includes:

  • An exclusive Goddess Reiki Code that has been transmitted specifically for this certification

  • Level 1 Goddess Reiki Certification 

  • Sound Crystal Chakra Clearing

  • Goddess Reiki Attunement and Activation

  • Energy Expansion in sacred sites or magical nature settings 

  • Sacred Rituals and Ceremonies 

  • Get Attuned to codes for Clearing, Grounding and Protection

  • Guided Visualization

  • Hands on Partner Practice 

  • PDF manual (or $55 for printed glossy manual)


Angelic Reiki

Level 2 Certification

The Portal to the Archangels

This next level of Goddess Reiki connects you to the Angelic Realm. Angels are the guiding force of Love and Light. In this training you will be gifted an exclusive 3-part Angelic Clearing Light Code Activation for transformation that has been transmitted specifically for this Goddess Reiki certification. 


Angelic Reiki is a multidimensional form of healing that calls upon the assistance of the Angels. It teaches you to be a channel of this pure divine angelic energy. This Crystalline Angelic Clearing Light Frequency offers a powerful gentle healing energy. The Angels can be found within your heart. So when you connect with the heart center and access the angel within, you raise your vibration to be a conduit of healing energy for all.


This next level of Goddess Reiki training will amplify your healing capabilities as with each training and subsequent attunement your channels become clearer, strengthening your Healing Rays.


As humanity is waking up and becoming more conscious, there is a desire, a yearning for knowledge and the ability to assist the collective consciousness. Angelic Reiki will assist you in assisting others. 


Learn to be a conduit to help clear stuck energy, emotional and physical ailments at the soul level associated with past lives, ancestral ties, and break karmic cycles promoting deep healing and transformation across all timelines & dimensions. Activate & call upon the Angels through symbols to clear the aura of another. These symbols are the next level of Goddess Reiki. They are symbols to heal the consciousness of humanity.


The Angels are happy to assist the human race, but we forget to ask for assistance. Make friends with your Angels and have them become a part of your daily existence to assist you on your healing path. 

      The Angelic Realm Level 2 Certification Includes:

  • Angelic Reiki Codes & Symbols

  • Angelic Clearing by the Archangel Trinity of Gabriel, Raphael & Michael  

  • Angel Oracle Card guidance

  • Angelic Light Frequencies to be a clear vessel of Divine Love & Light

  • Learn about Guardian Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters & their attributes

  • Archangel Metatron spiritual transmissions 

  • Learn Chakra Crystal Healing 

  • Purification ceremony to be a clear channel

  • Understanding Light & Dark energies 

  • Distance Healing

  • Healing on Animals & Mineral Kingdoms

  • Partner practice 

  • Chakra Sound Toning 

  • Reiki as a Business: Legal, Insurance & Client Questionnaire 

  • PDF manual (or $55 for printed glossy manual)



We are now offering our new course, QUANTUM HEALING. It is time to take your healing into your own hands, to create a dialogue with your higher self to remove energetic blocks on your path to growth, healing and enlightenment.


This class will give you a systematic approach to improving your life and hap- piness by clearing away the parts of your current and past lifetimes that are not serving your highest good.

You will be able to reach deep into the history of past lifetimes and remove the limitations to shift future outcomes.

Quantum Healing Certification, you will learn to:

  • Identify a situation that needs healing or clearing.

  • Be guided on a journey into your Akashic Records, discover for yourself, what has been holding you back from attaining peace, joy and happiness in your life.

  • Shift negative emotional attachments.

  • Clear, transmute, surrender & forgive discordant energy and situations

    that are not serving your highest self and shift the frequency to the light.

  • Align more to your divine blueprint of infinite possibilities.

    This Quantum Healing course will incorporate channeled guidance, connection to the other realms, and personal intention setting. Quantum Healing can work with inner child healing, family relationships, past life issues, genetic & ances- tral patterning.


What is Quantum Healing through Akashic Timelines?

Quantum healing is a form of healing across all timelines. Open the powerful pathway to joy and happiness. There is something within all of us that holds us back. It is the process of ruminating on negative times and situations. When you surrender and forgive your past, you erase the negative and instill a more power- ful positive response. You can do this by tapping into the Akashic Records and deleting the cellular memory of negative stories and situations.


Quantum Healing Through the Akashic Timelines

The Path to Awareness


Training Locations

New Dates & Locations will be announced soon! 

Pricing for certification Offerings


Combine the certification training with a local retreat and save! We offer retreats in the same locations. See individual retreat page for discount pricing!



Goddess Reiki Level 1 - Certification, Attunement & Activation 

$495 (includes accommodations & breakfast)

PDF manual included


The Angelic Realm Level 2- Certification, Attunement & Activation 

$495 (includes accommodations & breakfast)

PDF manual included

Quantum Healing Through the Akashic Timelines- Certification

$388 (includes accommodations & breakfast)

PDF manual included

*A $250 deposit is needed to secure your spot for each training.

*Once your space has been reserved with a deposit, we offer payment plans in any increment, until remaining balance has been paid in full. Payment in full is due 30 days prior to start date. There will be a late payment fee of $50, if the full amount is not paid in time. 


Airfare, ground transportation, lunch & dinner and suggested travel insurance are not included.


 Trainings include accommodations & breakfast. You will either get your own twin bed or share a Queen or King bed with another retreat participant, depending on availability.

* If you'd like off-site pricing without accommodations, message us.

Our training will take place in a beautiful private property. Retreat property address and check-in/check-out times will be sent closer to the training date.



IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please wait to book your airline ticket or ground transportation until the training has been confirmed.  You will be notified via email. 


Payment Options

  • PayPal: Divine Creations, LLC


(send friends and family option or a 5% service fee)


  • Credit Card (5% service fee): Send us your email & we will send you an invoice.


  • Check by Mail (no fees): Contact us



Refund Policy

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS under any circumstances.

Please be sure you want to attend. Please review our complete refund policy HERE. We highly recommend trip insurance to cover any unforeseen situations. You cannot arrive late to the training. No refunds will be given if you arrive late. You must be there for the FULL training to receive your certification. 

Contact Us:

While further details, including property address, complete
schedule & packing list will be sent closer to date, please feel free to contact us with any questions at:


We will be offering Level 3 Certification in the near future

We invite you to come even if you already trained in Reiki before.
This is a NEW way of healing!


See what some of our past Goddess Trainees have said about our program!


"The decision to attend the Goddess Reiki training and retreat in Sedona was one of the best investments I made for myself. The Goddess retreat and Reiki training are both enlightening and life changing experiences. I appreciate all the teaching and training that Veronica and Lisa provided during the retreat and being great examples of sisterhood for all of us to learn from. Their attention to detail and content during the retreat shines throughout the weekend. They truly presented a wonderful peaceful healing environment to grow and learn from. I am looking forward to experiencing more of these retreats in the future and am grateful for the Goddess Reiki Training manual and guidance for us all. Thanks Lisa and Veronica!"

-With Light and Love, Kellyann

“The Goddess Reiki training was the most thorough and comprehensive Reiki training I have ever experienced. The educational aspect is unparalleled. A wealth of information spread out over two days allows time for the information to integrate before moving on. The manual used for the training is in a class by itself. It is easy to read and filled with the most relevant information written in a very clear and concise way. It is easy to read and understand. The artwork that accompanies the manual is sacred, beautiful and inspiring. This training is different. Traditional Reiki training is very masculine and rigid in nature. This training brings in the element of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Ritual. We learn how to create a Sacred space for ourselves and for those we practice on. We learn how to facilitate healing in ourselves and those we love by creating a beautiful sacred space and calling in the Power of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine. This training can be incorporated into every aspect of life. The experience was also extra special because of the environment created by Lisa and Veronica. The training was held at a beautiful and secluded house in Sedona, AZ. Sacred training in a Sacred place allows for the experience to be amplified manyfold. Truly a life changing experience. I’m excited to learn the next level!”
-Jenna Tighe

"Goddess Reiki and Angelic Reiki Training have changed my life.  Yes, I can say that now after taking both trainings and attending a few retreats.  I continually learn and expand my knowledge with each event.  I appreciate all the thought and detail Lisa and Veronica put into each training.  They both complement each other’s talents to hold space for women to heal from within. 


The Quantum Healing training was more of an in depth training, learning how to access and heal across time and space.  Teaching women to heal, so that we can also heal ourselves and those we love and care for.  I am grateful to them both for doing this type of work and teaching us to lead by our heart, kindness, and love, something so needed at this time on this planet.  I also am grateful that each retreat focuses on healing and giving back to the Earth, ultimately healing ourselves, the Earth, and environment.  I look forward to traveling to more sacred sites and visiting these powerful places on the planet and appreciate Veronica and Lisa sharing their insights, knowledge, and talents with all beautiful goddesses."

-With Love and Blessings,

Kellyann  😊

"Within each of us is infinite potential. Potential to manifest everything we want to attract into our life. Quantum Field of Light Training for me was the gateway to moving through inner restrictions that were holding me back from this abundance. This training gave me the tools to clean up my backstory, releasing the subconscious binds of old events and freeing me from weighted energy. I felt a new inner radiance and strength. A fresh purity which raised my vibration and aligned me in an effortless flow with the universe."

-Love & light 


"The Quantum Training, allowed me the space and time to access portals of myself I had buried, due to trauma or pain, and am now awakened to.  Lisa and Veronica  bring so much love, light and empowerment into their practice and teachings. They are super keyed in on every person that participates in the journey with them as they lead the way towards understanding the limitless potential in ourself’s and in others. Magic!"


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