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My heart’s offering is devoted to uplifting and awakening women to their Goddess self.

Guiding them in honoring their divine feminine qualities, connecting to their inner truth and voice, returning to their authentic selves and living their fullest potential from a place of Divine Love. 

I've been on a magical, spiritual journey since I could remember, always listening to my inner calling. I've been drawn to different cultures, traditions and mystical paths. I've had the blessing to live and travel to over 70 countries from all corners of the world to experience the ancient wisdoms and sacred sites and to learn teachings from Buddhist monks from staying in monasteries; from yoga gurus from living in ashrams in the Himalayan Mountains; from shamans in the Amazon; and from medicine women in Africa. I've experienced the magic of the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids, the spiritual mysteries of Mt. Shasta, and the energy vortexes of so many countless lands.  

I’ve listened to my soul to return to these sacred portals to activate and awaken that remembrance within my DNA. Not just traveling to these lands but actually living in them, planting roots, communing with the locals, participating in their ceremonies & dances around the fire, singing their local songs, hearing their stories, preparing their traditional meals, participating in their daily prayers & offerings, getting a real experience of their lives and being a part of them.

All of these teachings and experiences have allowed me to remember that the REAL spiritual journey is inward. This lifetime has been about remembering my soul’s purpose and living it fully: to returning to the ancient and natural forms of healing ourselves from a place of truth and integrity; to realizing that although we all have different ways of Being, we are all part of the great, universal cosmic Oneness; to live in a place of full-heart expression and openness and saying ‘yes’ to the universal flow of love and abundance; to fully embodying our greatness and connecting to our higher selves and living through that radiance.


I bow to the beauty of Mother Earth and all of her Kingdoms. I am an open channel to receiving the wisdom from the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm in knowing that we are always connected and never separated. We always have our guides of Light and Love around us ready to assist us. We just need to call upon them.


Many women are now being called to certain lands to open their consciousness further, to hear the stories of past and continue lighting the torch for future generations, weaving our stories and tapestries of Light & Love to all corners of the globe. 

My higher purpose is opening up women along their spiritual path at sacred portal sites all over the world tapping into the ancient wisdoms and higher consciousness of truth. 

This has been my life, my calling, my journey... If you resonate with the frequency of my offerings, I welcome you with open arms to journey with me, to be touched by the infinite magic and mystery abound and to fully open to the real you.


I am certified in Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, Quantum Touch, The 12 Rays, Sacred Crystals, Shamanic Teachings, Ceremonies and Land Energies, Red Tent, Sacred Pregnancy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Sacred Medicine Woman, The Way of the Shaman, Essentials for Empowerment & Awakening, I AM Sisterhood, Shamanic Healing Tools & Modalities, Life Visioning, Sacred Aromatherapy, Abundance Manifestation and Shamanic Breathwork.

I am committed to our collective inner growth, empowerment and transformation, and can’t wait to have you join me on an inspiring journey!

~ Veronica ~


Weaver of Light

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