It’s such an honor to welcome you to Sacred Divine Goddess. 

It’s with deep gratitude that I facilitate mystical journeys at sacred portals around the world to help Awaken the Priestess within you. My spiritual retreats have been consciously chosen to assist you in living your true Divine Nature by plugging into a higher vibrational state of Oneness and Love in these ancient lands. I lead you from a place of full-heart expansion and I’m dedicated to creating a beautiful and sacred space to allow for you to grow and expand and live in your full magnificence. I will assist you in realizing and embracing your pure radiance, inner beauty and wisdom. I look forward to sharing an amazing sisterhood bonding experience with all of you.


I’m also sharing with you my personal divinely inspired creations and other hand-made artisan offerings that I’ve sourced from all parts of the world to help adorn your Body Temple and let your Inner Radiance sparkle. I handpick these unique, one of a kind pieces from small ethnic or tribal communities and from local artists whose energy speaks to me. By honoring our Temples, our Souls are deeply nurtured, raising our vibration and tapping into that Divinely Feminine aspect of ourselves.

Veronica Ruiz

“Many women are now being called to certain lands to open their consciousness further, to hear the stories of past and continue lighting the torch for future generations, weaving our stories and tapestries of Light & Love to all corners of the globe”

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Private Sisterhood Gatherings, Sacred Celebrations and Private Retreat Hosting

When women come together the magic that is created is infinite.

It’s about claiming our power and beauty of the Sacred Feminine. I create sacred, safe and beautiful spaces for women to dive deep, manifest, and open into their authentic being. Women can come together to open up, share, and support one another in mutual empowerment and upliftment.


I host private sisterhood circles, ceremonies, rituals and retreats perfect for intimate parties, menarche Rite of Passage, bridal showers, birthdays and other events where women desire a deeper spiritual connection with their close friends and family. Gatherings may include sisterhood activities, sound healings, meditations, Goddess Activations, inner soul reflections and much more, catered to your specific gathering. You will feel inspired and rejuvenated, while nurturing your heart, mind and soul. 


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