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 Journey to Stargate Portals &


THE return of the Christos Sophia Living light consciousness
thumbnail.jpeg Embody the Light of your Living Truth. 



It’s such an honor to welcome you to Sacred Divine Goddess. It’s with deep gratitude that I facilitate mystical journeys at Stargate portals & sacred lands around the world. 


We are at a time of Golden Age Miracles where the Light in our Sacred Hearts will lead the way to our Liberation. We are calling our Soul Family to be present with us on Sacred Land to receive these powerful transmisions from our Starseed Family! We will activate our Inner Avatar to further align to the Christos Sophia Coding within our Temple and return to the Perfect and Whole Geomantic Blueprint of our Divinity.

Many now innerstand that there is much more to the Truth of our Being. We are Multidimensional Energetic Beings with Limitless Potential. This Higher Consciousness is available to all in full Surrender and Trust of the Divine Plan. Our Sacred Hearts are the portals to Activate Higher Awareness and Divine Consciousness as a path to Ascension.

-Veronica Ruiz

White Pillars

At times of great change, those of the Light show up to Serve. It is the Return of the Priest & Priestesses, Avatars, Rainbow Family, Rose Lineages, Krystic Council, Starseeds, Medicine Tribes, Divine Alchemists, Kings & Queens, Hieros Gamos Unions, Galactic Beings and we have come back with the True Organic Templates to Midwife a New Earth. We have heard the call of the Mountains, of the Oceans and of the Stars and Wind. 

-Veronica Ruiz

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