Expand your Consciousness 

Awaken to your Truth

Appalachian Mountains,

North Carolina

August 27-29, 2021

Imagine being in one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world surrounded by ancient and mystical forests! The Blue Ridge Mountains are a gateway to the Appalachian Trail. It conjures up images of green rolling hills, mountain springs, waterfalls and cabins in the woods.  The fresh air reminds us of the innocent times when things were simple. In the summer, imagine walking along the mountain trails overlooking expansive vistas of the valleys, the sun is beaming through the clear blue skies, the birds are chirping, the forest is alive and the grass blankets the land. Visiting these mountains allows us to leave the pressures of the world behind, so go into nature, awaken to your true essence, your truth, your innocence. 

Asheville is known for its powerful vortex energy, it is believed these energies intersect under the city. This spiritual energy is often compared to Sedona. The energy is powerful in these wise mountains, rounded by the winds of time, soft and rolling, proud of what they have sustained and still standing tall. These mountains are a metaphor for life, we endure much but still we stand tall, we continue, we persevere. This spring, in the mountains of North Carolina, come claim your strength, tap into the power of the mountains, pull in the energy of Mother Earth to revitalize you on your journey. 


We will plant the seeds on this adventure of awakening. Opening to us, to our gifts, to our talents, to our essence, that purity that we all came to life with that sometimes gets lost in the throws of life. Plant the seeds and awaken to your true gifts.


In the woods we will connect deep within, through meditation, breathwork, yoga and sisterhood circles, we will find our connection to nature.  We will breathe in the fresh mountain air as we walk the paths layered with pine needles. Each step taking us into a deeper state of contemplation, connection and acceptance of life.

Climb the Mountain of Truth 

In Asheville you go back to innocence

To time before

Before technology

Before electronics

Lets go to the woods

Lets hide in the trees

Lets sit in the meadows

Lets open and see

The beauty of spring

In the rolling mountains

Pine tree needles blanket the paths

Walk down the enchanted trail

Smile and laugh

Portals are doorways to open to you

To the innocence of your youth

This is what awaits you in Asheville come see

The beauty of the mountains and awaken to your purity

What to Expect

Our retreat space is on 63 acres with roaring streams, waterfalls, forests and mountains that meld into hundreds of acres of National Forest!

*Sisterhood Rituals in a Yurt 

*Yoga, Meditation, Pranayam

*Outdoor Fire Ceremony

*Day hike in a spiritual vortex surrounded in crystalline energy. 

*Light Code Activations to align to your higher sense of truth

*Ceremony & Rituals 

*Intuitive Channeling Circle to gain insight from your spirit guides

*Be in present awareness surrounded in nature 

 When women come together

There is a strength that rises within

That strengthens the whole

It is like twine

We tie a knot of community

Come to the mountains to tie knots of hope

Knots of remembering

Knots of ideology

To open to the best parts of ourselves

In the mountains with the collective

We climb to meet our best selves

We climb to empower

We climb to find us

The parts that have been lost

In the everyday living

Leave feeling whole


And with a new sense of purpose in your life.

Bless yourself in ways never imagined by joining us on a journey of self-healing and sacred sisterhood. 


Our Asheville retreat will take place in a beautiful and luxurious private property surrounded by natural beauty. Accommodations will be shared with other retreat guests. If you will be traveling with a friend, you are welcome to room with them, otherwise we will happily partner you with a roommate.


• All excursions and sacred gatherings

• Full Breakfast

• Accommodations in a luxury private home


  • Airfare

  • Ground transportation

  • Travel Insurance highly recommended

  • Personal expenses

  • Lunches and dinners (you can bring food or we will go out to restaurants)


  • IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please wait to book your airline ticket or ground transportation until the retreat has been confirmed.  You will be notified via email. Add us in your contacts.

  • Asheville is on EST (Eastern Standard Time).

  • We suggest arranging for a rental car and carpooling with other retreat participants. 

  • The closest airports to Asheville are the regional airport in Asheville or Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport in South Carolina.



  • The cost for this amazing 3-day, 2-night retreat is $888 (includes accommodations and breakfast) 

  • Day package that includes everything for the 3 days (except lodging) for $677

  • Optional Goddess Reiki 1 Training is $495 (August 25, 2021)

  • Optional Angelic Reiki 2 Training is $495 (August 26, 2021)

  • Optional Quantum Healing Training is $388 (August 29, 2021)

  • Retreat and 1 Reiki training price is $1288

  • Retreat, Goddess Reiki 1 and Angelic Reiki 2 price is $1555



  • A $300 deposit is required in order to reserve your space for the retreat, a $250 deposit is required for the trainings

  • Installment payment options are available in any increment until the final payment is paid (no exceptions)

  • There will be a late payment fee of $100, if the full amount is not paid one month prior to retreat start date


  • PayPal: Divine Creations, LLC

email: info@divinecreations.earth


(send friends and family option or a 5% service fee)

  • Zelle (an easy way to send free bank transfers): SacredDivineGoddess@yahoo.com

  • Credit Card (5% service fee): Send us your email & we will send you an invoice.

  • Check by Mail (no fees): Contact us



Refund Policy

We do not refund deposits or retreats under any circumstances. You MUST purchase trip insurance to protect for any unforeseen circumstances. Please review our complete refund policy HERE.

Contact us

While further details, including retreat property address, check-in/check-out times, complete retreat schedule & packing list will be sent closer to retreat date and upon registration, please feel free to contact us with any questions at gratitude@sacreddivinegoddess.com


If you feel called to join us on this deeply transformative journey, secure your space as soon as possible. Space is very limited!  We look forward to connecting with you in magical energy of Asheville with you!

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