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A Gathering of Starseeds


























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unnamed (6)

Appalachian Mountains,

North Carolina

April 1-3, 2022

Activate your Inner Avatar

We are at a time of Golden Age Miracles where the Light in our Sacred Hearts will lead the way to our Liberation. We are calling our Angelic Family of Light to be present with us on this Ancient Land, in one of the Oldest Mountain Ranges in the world, surrounded by ancient and mystical forests! We will activate our Inner Avatar to further align to the Christos Sophia Coding within our Temple and to return to the Perfect and Whole Blueprint of our Divinity.


At times of great change, those of the Light show up to Serve. It is the Return of the Priest & Priestesses, Avatars, Rainbow Family, Rose Lineages, Krystic Council, Starseeds, Medicine Tribes, Divine Alchemists, Kings & Queens, Hieros Gamos Unions, Galactic Beings and we have come back with the True Organic Templates to Midwife a New Earth. We have heard the call of the Mountains, of the Oceans and of the Stars and Wind. 


Many now innerstand that there is much more to the Truth of our Being. We are Multidimensional Energetic Beings with Limitless Potential. This Higher Consciousness is available to all in full Surrender and Trust of the Divine Plan. Our Sacred Hearts are the portals to Activate Higher Awareness and Divine Consciousness as a path to Ascension. 


Unlock your Inner Stargates, Open your Emerald Diamond Heart and Surrender in True Devotion to that of the Divine. It is within your own Heart that you will hear the Voice of Divinity Honoring you. Divine Union with your Sacred Heart creates a clear pathway for hearing the Voice of your Higher Self and the Love of your Inner Child. 


This reunion of our Angelic Star Family has been unfolding for many eons, Igniting the Spark and Reawakening the Power of Unconditional Love within.


Your Galactic Star Family is here guiding you to your Inner Temple of Truth and God Consciousness so that you can remember your Angelic frequency of Pure Light. It’s time to raise our Frequencies to the highest levels of Diamond Rainbow Light, updating our Templates to align with our most Organic Timelines. Accessing our Highest potential of Ascended Mastery walking as Gods & Goddess on our Magnificent Earth.

There is an Ancient Magic that Awakens when we  join our Divine Loving Hearts together, connecting our Unique Keys & Codes, Activating Universal Knowdeldge & Wisdom.

It's time to Step into our Divine Mission. Anchoring Unity/Oneness Consciousness & New Earth Templates. Living our Heaven on Earth, fully Anchored and Embodied.

Sacred Mountain



Where Sparkling Crystals are embedded in the Sacred Lands Activating &

Opening the Stargate Portals underneath your feet.

Connect to the Divine Wisdom of our Ancestors and the Tree & Plant Spirits

in the Ancient & Mystical Forests.

Drink from the Purest Crystalline Waters to Activate & Purify

your Crystalline Body Structures.

The Blue Ridge Highlands are gentle, rolling mountains blanketed with green forestry and clear blue skies.

As a part of the Appalachain mountain range, The Highlands once stood as tall as the European Alps and are over 480 million years old, making them one of the oldest mountains in the world.

They are a touchstone to the beauty, endurance, and primordial histroy of the Earth.


Like the Earth, when the Blue Ridge Mountains are seen from a distance they cast a mosaic of green and blue,

as their name suggests.

Asheville area is known as the "Land of the Waterfalls," surrounded by hundreds of waterfalls & cascades. 


There are twenty-four active vortices around Asheville, and many more power centers. This is one of the most concentrated number of vortices anywhere in the country, even more than Sedona!

The energy is powerful in these wise mountains, rounded by the winds of time, soft and rolling, proud of what they have sustained and still standing tall. These mountains are a metaphor for life, we endure much but still we stand tall, we continue, we persevere. This spring, in the mountains of North Carolina, come claim your strength, tap into the power of the mountains and pull in the energy of Mother Earth to revitalize you on your journey.

The Gathering

​We will gather in a New Earth Utopian Light Temple

surrounded by Enchanted Magical Forests with the Bee & Fae Realms

  • Angelic Rose Ceremony in a Crystalline Temple of Light

  • Retemplating & Activating our God Avatar Multidimensional Selves

  • Anchoring Unified Heart Consciousness for all of Humanity

  • Light Initiations with Cosmic Star Family

  • Aurora Language of Light Anchoring Diamond Sun Rainbow Frequencies

  • Restore Divine Inner Chid Templates of Purity, Joy & Innocence 

  • Sound Alchemy & Toning to open the Throat & Heart God channels of our Starseed Language

  • Light Language Movement Activation that allows us to Embody our Unique Soul Blueprint & Anchor Light Code Frequencies on the Crystalline Grid of Gaia

  • Inner Divine Union Restoration

  • Recalibrate, Reinstate and Activate Divine Blueprints

  • Individual Quantum Light Body & Merkaba Restoration, aligning to Universal God Matrix

  • Quantum Clearing to remove distortions in our field and connect more fully to our High Heart Template

  • Connect with Divine Celestial Dragon, Fae, Elvin & Mermaid Energies of this Sacred Land

“The birth of the White Buffalo, according to Sioux tradition, is the sign of the return of harmony, unity and peace to the Earth. It signals the fulfillment of the prophecy of White Buffalo Calf woman that the appearance of White Buffalo means all nations shall be redeemed and learn to honor what is sacred on our Earth. The 2000 year-old prophecy is unfolding as we are seeing the birth of White Buffalo on native land. But what is equally fascinating is the appearance of albino white animals being birthed in a large variety of species. This is no coincidence, as these are the signs of an emerging New Earth. The white animals are more than a symbol, they are actually small vortices of energy placed throughout the world to imbue the land with purity. Their incarnations tell us we are living in exciting times and that the path toward ascension is opening up for everyone.”



  • Asheville is on EST (Eastern Standard Time).

  • We suggest arranging a 4 x 4 rental car and carpooling with other retreat participants. 

  • The closest airports to the villa are the regional airport in Asheville, NC or Tri-Cities airport in Blountville, TN or the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport in South Carolina.



  • Airfare

  • Ground transportation

  • Lunches and dinners (you can bring food & use the fully equipped kitchen)

  • Travel Insurance


Our retreat will take place in a beautiful, luxurious, private sanctuary with a temple space surrounded by pristine nature on 37 acres of land.   

Our Magical Temple Space! 

Join us in this New Earth playground, a heart-centered Sanctuary of Peace & Harmony living in balance with the Earth.



Love Donation

We also have LOCAL RESIDENT pricing without accommodations &

Saturday Drop In if you can't join us all weekend! 

  • MASTER SUITE: Private Bedroom & Bathroom

        $1111 each (2 spots Available)

  • Shared Bedroom: Private Bedroom

       $944 each (2 spots Available)

  • Temple Goddess Slumber:

       $788 each (Available)


     (No Accommodations/ breakfast)

       $388 (Full Retreat);  (Available)

       $222 (Saturday Only) (Available)



  • A $222 deposit is required in order to reserve your space for the retreat.

  • Installment payment options are available in any increment until the final payment is paid prior to start date.

Additional Add Ons

  • Private Quantum Healing Sessions

  • Crystalline Diamond Rainbow Frequency Art to Activate your Divine Soul Blueprint



Option To Spend Additional Nights At The Sanctuary:

Thursday, March 31st or Sunday, April 3rd

Come earlier or stay after the retreat to relax at the sanctuary or enjoy the local Hot Springs, Roaring Streams, National Forests, Waterfalls, Hiking Trails, or enjoy the trendy town of Asheville.


 $111 extra per night includes breakfast


This Angelic Encoded Light Frequency Retreat

is co-facilitated by Veronica Ruiz from Sacred Divine Goddess

and Galactic Starseed Sister, Ariya.



  • PayPal: Divine Creations, LLC


(send friends and family option or a 5% service fee)

  • Zelle (an easy way to send free bank transfers):

  • Credit Card (5% service fee): Send us your email & we will send you an invoice.

  • Check by Mail (no fees): Contact us

Refund Policy

Please review our complete refund policy HERE.

Contact us

While further details, including retreat property address, check-in/check-out times, complete retreat schedule & packing list will be sent closer to retreat date and upon registration, please feel free to contact us with any questions at

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