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Mysteries of Avalon


August 20-25, 2022 


August 26- September 1, 2022



September 1-3, 2022


Women & Men



Ancient Lands ofAvalon…

Unlocking the Sacred Teachings 


Connect with the magical land, ancient landscapes, tune and tone with the enchanted nature, dance with the fairies, igniting the deep remembrance within.

Initiating our Druid and Celtic Keys, Codes and Wisdom

Cathar Sophia Organic Resurrection of the Holy Grail Lineages

A place of such ancient wisdom that is once again coming online to help us step into our true wholeness and to activate our Sacred Missions.

Restoring our Diamond Sun Emerald Heart & DNA

Receive our Magi Grail King Arthur & Queen Guinevere Divine Union

Hieros Gamos Templates

Activating Holy Rose Christos Sophia Lineages

A silent and powerful magic radiates from these Holy Lands. 

Explore Holy Waters and Springs

Waterfalls & Crystal Caves

Stone Circles & Temples

Lush Forests & Mountains

Ancient Lands & Sacred Portals

Connection to Source &

Pristine Nature Healing Energies


Sacred Scotland Tour

August 20-25, 2022

6 days, 5 nights

Places we will visit:

Roslyn Chapel, Castle & Glen 

Edinburgh World Heritage City 

Glen Lyon, Fionns Rock, Killen Stone Circle 

Glen Coe & Hidden Valley Trail 

Schiehallion (Fairy Mountain) 

Dunkeld Cathedral, Croft Moraig Stone Circle  

& Hermitage walk

Apart from all the sacred sites we will visit, there will be Activations & Ceremonies, Celtic Shamanism  Gaelic lessons, traditional Scottish & Celtic live Music, Sharing Circles, Shamanic Drumming, Nature immersions and optional Sacred Elixir Ceremonies & Bodywork. 


Double: $2422

Single: $677 add on

This is a collaboration with Veronica Ruiz and Ryan McKenna.

Ryan is a modern day Celtic Warrior Druid and offers spiritual journeys to sacred sites, holy mountains and ancient temples in Scotland & Ireland. We met a few years back when I was hosting a retreat in Costa Rica. He weaves together mythology, cosmology, astrology & folklore thru the mystical sites of Scotland.



Mysteries of Avalon

August 26- September 1

6 Days, 5 Nights

A Pilgrimage into the Sacred Sites

of the Island of Avalon &

Surrounding Areas


Main Areas:  

Glastonbury & Tintagel, Cornwall

Places we will visit in Glastonbury:

Chalice Well And Gardens

Glastonbury Abbey

The Tor

Wearyall Hill

St Margaret Chapel

The White Spring


Places we will visit in the

Glastonbury surrounding area:

Avebury Stone Circles

St Aldans Well

Stanton Drew Stone Circles

Wells Cathedral


Places we will visit in Cornwall:


St Nectans Glen

Merlin's Cave

St Clether Holy Well


4 Days (4 Nights) In Glastonbury

2 Days (1 Night) in Tintagel

Avalon was the wisdom and teaching center of the Druids, keepers of the primordial Earth Mother & Womb frequencies.


This land holds the Emerald Heart and Divine Union templates for the planet along with the Krystal Cathedrals and Krystic Diamond Consciousness.


We will walk these ancient lands and you will hear forgotten stories and histories of these sites while we connect deeply to their energies and magic.


The Ancient Priestesses were initiated in Glastonbury and this land has a soul resonance to the Divine Feminine.

The Healing & Holy Waters of Avalon have flowed from the land for thousands of years. These healing waters have been central to the Ancient Rites, magic and traditions of this land.

We will be exploring the different Holy Wells & Spring Sites in and around Glastonbury and you will come into deep connection with these potent waters, having the chance to touch, drink, and bathe in their magic.


Standing Stones and Henges were power places of worship and ceremony in the Ancient Druid Past. We will journey to these ancient stone sites and you will meet these powerful stone beings. We will walk in their presence and be guided in how to connect with them, to listen to them, and be healed by their deep wisdom. 


On the South West Coast in Cornwall, we find a Crystal- Rich land stepped in the history of the Druids and of the King Arthur, Queen Guinevere templates.


We will go on a sacred adventure into the Wild of Cornwall. We will visit and bathe in the Ancient Healing Waterfalls, explore Crystal Caves while open to receiving our own Quartz from the land. We will visit the Healing Springs and Wells, and connect with the Archetypal energies of King Arthur, Merlin, the Faeries, and many other mystical energies. 

Apart from the sacred sites we will visit, there will be Activations, Ceremonies, Priestess Anointments & Initiations at the Springs & Wells, Sacred Baptism, honoring the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, King Arthur & Queen Guenivier Hieros Gamos Divine Union Templates, Sophia Christ Initiations, Chanting & Toning in Cathedrals & Caves, Spiritual Cleansing in sacred Waterfalls, Druid Earth Magic in the Crystal Womb Caves. 


Double: $2322

Single: $677 add on

This is a collaboration with Veronica Ruiz and Oliver William Huntley.

Oliver is a Druid wisdom keeper, storyteller and holds the wisdom & initiations from the Essene, Ancient Egypt & Druid traditions. He offers Avalon sacred site pilgrimages to mystical locations and magical Elvin forests in England & Wales. He weaves together the connection to the land and mysteries of ancient Avalon, King Arthur, Merlin and the Druids.