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Here is an outline of the places we will visit on our journey in Peru.
Not included in the outline is the ceremonies you will be participating in. We will give you a complete retreat itinerary when you arrive.

-DAY 1 Arrive in Cusco Chinchero, Moray & The Sacred Valley

We will visit the Chinchero Earth Alter & tap into the Divine Masculine essence of the human sphere. This sacred place allows us to travel to the dimension of the soul, we will participate in a ceremonial prayer for Mother Earth (Pachamama). We will then travel to the mystical land of Moray, where there are unusual Inca ruins and crops in sacred circles. We will tap into the Divine Feminine essence, a place to heal. We will then spend the night in the Sacred Valley.


-DAY 2 Machu Picchu- Sacred Valley

We will take an early morning train ride to the village of Aguas Calientes and visit the famed city of Machu Picchu, the Crystal City, the Rainbow City, the City of the Kondor, the City of Light. The legendary beauty of this magnificent city defies description. We will hike many beautiful trails and explore many powerful energetic portals and temples and perform ceremony to open to the intrinsic magic of this land. We will then spend the night in the Sacred Valley.


-DAY 3 Sacred Valley - Pisaq- Cusco

We depart in the morning to visit the ancient Inca town of Pisaq. The entire mountain behind the village is considered an archaeological treasure. We will hike downhill past ancient sites and burial grounds along an amazing trail with breathtaking views of the region and participate in traditional ceremonies. Pisaq is a place of historical significance, and immense energy that transports you to the stars. We will then travel to Cusco to spend the night.


-DAY 4 Cusco - Rainbow Mountain

We depart in the morning through valleys and mountains to discover the beautiful area of Rainbow Mountain. Rainbow Mountain is an energetic portal, its unique soil and color formations are a marker to the heavens. This is a beautiful hike with amazing landscapes. We will then travel to Cusco to spend the night.


-DAY 5 Cusco – Puno (Lake Titikaka)– Raqchi

We leave Cusco in the morning for Lake Titikaka, the highest lake in the world.

This is a pleasant drive with stops along the way and a perfect opportunity to connect with the power of the Mountain Spirits. We will stop along the way in Raqchi, the magnificent Temple of Wiraqocha. This is an extremely powerful site and according to the old storytellers, it was built by the Inca in honor of the Great Spirit. We arrive at our hotel in Puno in the late afternoon.


-DAY 6 Amantani Island- Lake Titikaka

In the morning, we will cross to the Island of Amantani. Lake Titicaca is a place of beauty, and in the days of olde, it was a place people went for purification, to wash away their immoralities. We will experience an evening homestay with the local people in a traditional setting, learning and sharing stories. In the afternoon, we will ascend to the sacred temple area of this magical island with a meditation and offering at Sunset.


-DAY 7 Amantani- Taquile- Puno

We will visit another beautiful island to see the netting and weaving, preserving the ancient wisdom and symbolism of the sacred lake. We will boat back to the mainland and head to Puno for a relaxing evening.


-DAY 8 Ajayu Marka- Charkas

We will depart to the ancient Aimara altars and we’ll walk the sacred path of the Magical Serpent as we explore the Ajayu Marka, a multi-dimensional gateway to open our inner portals. We will then continue to Charkas to discover other ancient paths and to honor the Great Spirit of the Water as we connect to the energy of Fertility to empower our being, balancing our male and female energies. We will then return to Puno and spend the night.


-DAY 9 Puno- Sillustani- Lima- Home

This is our last day in the mountains, and early in the morning we will visit the Andean Taj Mahal, Sillustani, another truly sacred place. Sillustani touches your heart center. It will open a blocked heart. We will participate in a closing ritual circle in Sillustani before transferring to Juliaca airport and flight to Lima to connect to our international flights.

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