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Sacred Waters

Dragon Lotus Lagoon Retreat

Bacalar, Mexico

November 4 - 9, 2024

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Join us on our “Eternal Waters Rebirthing Retreat”.

Awaken in Crystalline Plasma Temple Waters.


Welcome to the Maldives of Mexico


In the south east of Mexico, one hour inland from Caribbean shores and close to the Border of Belize, lies a heavenly azure oasis of mystical significance.

Join us for 6 days of luxury at one of the most intriguing and stunning water portals on the planet. Coined the Maldives of Mexico and the Seven Rays of Blue Lagoon, this gives a feel for the energetic beauty of this idyllic vortex

This retreat is an opportunity to experience the supreme Rebirthing and Diamond Light Plasma Bliss Body upgrades of God Consciousness Ceremonies, whilst floating in the healing nectar of this tranquil, warm, sun-soaked lagoon. We will be facilitating sessions in the private access of the healing sanctuary. This is where the endemic White Water Lilly Lotus grow, and where we curated our Dragon Lotus Lagoon Ormus Oasis Elixir. We will also be sharing meditations and activations with the Lotus during our ceremonies, so you can truly experience the profound presence and spiritual transmissions of healing codes from these heavenly Lotuses.  




Holistic Water Sanctuary

We will be staying at the most spiritually aware eco-sanctuary on the lagoon. Nestled far away from Bacalar town and other neighbors, the stillness and slow pace of nature shines through. We will experience the lagoon in her pristine purity. The sulphuric clay of the lagoon gifts a silky smooth touch to the skin, with a uniquely vibrant afterglow. Her magic is quick acting, releasing tension and pains from the body and mind within a few minutes of entering. 








We will also be facilitating Diamond Bliss Body Yoga and Eternal Breath elixir journeys in the water temple shala.  With steps leading into the lagoon, where collectives of small platinum iridescent fish visit. The lagoon is at perfect height for sunset water Qi Gong where the most idyllic sunsets are witnessed. We will also be doing Light Body Activations, Upgrades & Re-templating into the Divine Blueprint.


Enter the birthplace of the Mayan Civilization.

A Heavenly Oasis surrounded by 6 Ancient Pyramids

This lagoon is said to be the birthplace of the Mayan civilization, a spiritual community whose creation mythology recalls the feathered serpent; flying dragon. In our time taking deep journeys in this lagoon while working with our alchemical purified mercury made from cinnabar aka the dragons stone, which is found beneath some key Mayan pyramids and lining the walls of other Mayan pyramids. We have connected into the Dragon Mer beings that exist in higher dimensional realms inside the underwater cave systems. These cave systems are where the water of the lagoon rise up from. It is with these mythical beings we connect and experience the healing cure of the Mer beings.


As part of our time at the lagoon, we were informed that cinnabar is indeed used as an alchemical medicine in indigenous Mayan tradition, mirroring that of the Emperors of China and Rainbow Body Yogis and traditional medicine systems of India and Tibet.



The Lagoon is home to Stromatolites: 3.5 million years old algae lifeforms that can be seen on the roots of mangroves and in big rock formations further along the Lagoon. They are possibly the first alchemists on earth, taking in carbon dioxide and converting it to atmospheric oxygen. They are directly connected to our human existence, creating an Eternal Fountain of Youth quality. The largest stromatolites on the planet are in this lagoon. It is akin to being in a bronchial of the lung of mother earth.

We will journey further down the lagoon to visit some of these majestical Stromatolites, as well as view the crystal clear depths and shallows, more White Lotus Lilies and the array of fish and birdlife. Here we will float and be moved down the rapids by Stromatolites with the natural current.  


Ormus Gold Rejuvenation











As part of our daily healing we will have Ormus infused water to increase our energetic upgrades and enhance the plasma bliss body templates anchoring inside us. We will be providing our signature Bacalar Lagoon  high potency Ormus infused into magnetically vortexed water to begin each day. This is a truly powerful, uplifting and alkalizing way to begin each day, with a divinely structured and charged elixir. These elixirs provide cleaner and much higher frequency energy sources that nourish and sustain our body temples and minds for many hours.

Vortex Activity:

The lagoon sits on tectonic plates. You may see in your time there, that when the winds are still and no one is on the lagoon, she ripples and laps against the shores, often in synchronicity with your thoughts. There are certain unique energetics that are felt at this lagoon, unlike any other portal we have visited. It is believed that there is at least one pyramid located beneath the lagoon. There are a total of six pyramids each located within a ninety minute drive reach of the lagoon front.


  • Airport transfers

  • All ground transportation in Mexico

  • All excursions and sacred gatherings

  • Continental breakfast

  • Accommodations



  • International flights and airport taxes

  • Lunches and Dinners

  • Travel and Medical Insurance

  • Personal expenses


Your retreat package includes beautiful and comfortable accommodations decorated in a traditional Mexican style. Rooms are built with locally sourced materials and utilizing clean energy . You may choose between a single or double occupancy room. If you will be traveling with a friend, you are welcome to room with them – otherwise, we will happily try to partner you with a roommate for the double or triple occupancy rate.

Love Exchange

Bacalar 6-day, 5-night retreat:

King Rooms:

Solo Occupancy- 1 King Bed

$3,438 Early Bird: June 30

$3,548 Second Release: July 30

$3,648 Final Release


King Rooms:

Double Occupancy- 1 King Shared Bed

$2,563 per person Early Bird: June 30

$2,663 per person Second Release: July 30

$2,763 per person Final Release 


2 Queen Bed Rooms:

Double Occupancy- one person per Queen Bed

$2,563 per person Early Bird: June 30

$2,663 per person Second Release: July 30

$2,763 per person Final Release 


Triple Occupancy Options:

2 people sharing 1 Queen Bed

$2410 per person Early Bird: June 30

$2510 per person Second Release: July 30

$2610 per person Final Release 


1 person solo in 1 Queen Bed

$2640 Early Bird: June 30

$2740 Second Release: July 30

$2840 Final Release

Reserve Your Space

A $500 deposit is required in order to reserve your space. Message us with your room preference.


Installment payment options are available in any increment until the final payment is received by October 4, 2024 (no exceptions).

There will be a late payment fee of $150, if the full amount is not paid by then.

Caribbean Add On

November 9-12

Add 3 nights/ 4 days to integrate & immerse yourself in the warm azure waters of the Caribbean.

  • Purify in the breathtaking crystal clear waters of the “Cenotes”. These magical lagoons are a secret underwater world of healing mineral rich waters. Turquoise pools of magic to cleanse, clear and awaken. The pools served as a communication portal for the Mayans to connect with their Gods.

  • Surrounded in the jungle, experience a traditional Tamascal, an ancient Mayan Sauna Ceremony, a spiritual clearing to shed emotional and physical density to reset your spiritual path.

  • Visit the awe-inspiring Coba Pyramids & climb the Ruins and enjoy an adventurous bike ride around the ancient city.

  • Magic Cacao elixir ceremony on the crystalline white sandy beaches of the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula. 


Pricing to be announced shortly.


  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Please wait to book your airline ticket until the retreat has been confirmed.  You will be notified via email.

  • The closest airport is Cancun International Airport (CUN).

  • Flying time will take 6 + hours to get there depending on where you are flying from in the US, so please make sure to allow enough flying/travel time to arrive on the start date of the retreat.

  • Mexico is the same time-zone as Chicago.

  • The retreat is about 5 hours away from the airport. We will coordinate the shuttle to the resort. Please arrive to the airport no later than 1pm so we can commence our evening dinner and ceremony by 7 pm.

  • A valid passport with at least one blank page is required to enter and exit Mexico. Visas are not required for visits lasting less than 180 days. You must carry a copy of your U.S. passport with you at all times to have proof of identity and U.S. citizenship readily available, if needed. 

Payment Options

Please send using Friends and Family, otherwise there is a 5% service fee added.

  • Zelle (an easy way to send free bank transfers):

  • Venmo @Veronica-Ruiz-49

  • Credit Card- Please send us your email & we will send you an invoice. A 5% service fee will be added.


Refund Policy

Please be sure you want to attend. We do not refund deposits or retreats.  Please review our complete refund policy HERE


Contact us

While further details, including retreat property address, check-in/check-out times, complete retreat schedule & packing list will be sent closer to retreat date and upon registration, please feel free to contact us with any questions at

If you feel called to join us on this deeply transformative journey, secure your space as soon as possible. Space is very limited!  We look forward to connecting in the magical energy of Mexico with you!

Deep Gratitude to all the photographers!

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