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Awaken Your SacredFeminine




Awaken Your Sacred Feminine, Photography Shoots

If you’d like to transform and embody into the Goddess that you are, join our next photography event! Which archetype would you like to invoke or express?


Thank you so much for your interest in booking a photoshoot with Veronica Ruiz & Jacqueline Fowler! This is an intentional ceremony to call in the Goddesses! We begin with a ritual & ceremony in candlelight, sipping hand made elixirs from ancient lands, sitting on luxurious fabrics, being anointed with Egyptian oils, serenading you with celestial sounds, then we wrap you with our heavenly fabrics and crowns, we then invoke the Sacred Feminine Beauty of the Cosmos to magically transform you… all while being treated like the Goddess you are!


Veronica travels the world to some amazing places that hold the Goddess energy, it is palpable and strong. She brings back pieces that carry the energy & feeling of that sacred land. You can experience the power in these treasures that have been transformed into pieces of art. Stones and ankhs from Egypt made into a headdress, beautiful royal Indian fabric designed into an Earth Goddess cloak, ceremonial pieces transformed into living art, decorative props used in ceremony & ritual from mysterious lands, healing stones adorning crowns, staffs, and amulets wrapped in copper and gold. 


Jacqueline is a professional artist, freelance makeup & hairstylist and a Goddess Jewelry Designer who alchemically creates gorgeous crystal pieces to adorn you! You can feel the love she has for all things beautiful and her attention to detail with all the embellishments that are fit for Royalty! She energetically feels the bliss, joy, beauty & healing properties of these stones and personally creates new pieces to fit any fantasy! She can literally transform you into your inner Goddess!


Veronica & Jacqueline have teamed up to offer you these pieces made for a Queen! You can feel the magic and essence in our pieces!  


If you’d like to transform & embody into the Goddess that you are, we are ready to create that experience for you! 


The Goddess Photography Experience includes:

From the moment you arrive, you will be in ceremony with us to align with your Sacred Feminine Embodiment. You will receive a high-frequency aura cleansing, an oracle card reading to set your intentions, sound clearing, and a refreshing elixir to raise your vibration & prepare for your session.


-Goddess Hair & makeup artistry  

-Personalized Goddess Archetype of your choosing 

-Wardrobe (you can also bring your own pieces)

-Exotic fabrics, wraps, and silks from all over the world from high vibrational locations  

-Powerful healing crystal jewelry & crowns to adorn you  

-Decorative props used in a ceremony at sacred sites 

-Exploration of your own embodiment 

To purchase our ceremonial items visit our Boutique.


Our magical items are one of a kind worn in ceremony in Egypt at the temples & pyramids honoring Goddess Isis!

Ceremonial items honoring Goddess lxchel in the Mayan lands of Tulum are now adorning your body for our photoshoots!

Packages & Offerings



2 hours

1 outfit/wardrobe style change.

10 gorgeously edited images.





(Mother/Daughter Duo)

2.5 hours.

1-2 outfits/wardrobe style changes

12 gorgeously edited images 





4 hours

1-2 outfits/wardrobe style changes.

20 gorgeously edited images  




Goddess Party

6 hours.

3 people, plus $150 per person extra

2 outfits/wardrobe style changes each

35 gorgeously edited images 





6 hours

2-4 outfits/wardrobe style changes

35 gorgeously edited images 





$100 per extra hour

$50 per extra 30 min

$25 per extra 15 min

$10 each additional edited image



We look forward to connecting more and hearing about your vision and intention!



To secure your spot for the photoshoot it requires a 50% deposit, then the remaining 50% on the day of the shoot. No refunds for cancellations. Credit card, PayPal, or cash for final payment. 


Send PayPal payment to:



Most photoshoots take place in the Chicago area, but we also travel to other cities since many of you are from out of town! Message us & we can set up an appointment with you!


Connect with us:


Veronica Ruiz, @veronicaruizgoddess, @sacreddivinegoddess

Jacqueline Jayne Fowler, @jjayne_artist


Veronica & Jacqueline




“I had the BLESSING to be a part of this beautiful experience… from the moment I entered I knew I stepped into a once in a lifetime experience (unless you go again because you loved it so much!). Veronica embodies the Divine Feminine so elegantly and her vast amount of travel experience and sacred retreats makes her Goddesses come to life… don’t miss this amazing experience… the Priestess and Queen in you deserve it! Every little detail was special… the roses, the elixir handmade from rose petals from ancient lands, the huge assortment of gorgeous gowns and shawls and the likes was like being in a foreign bazaar where someone with the best taste was the purchaser! Much love to you Veronica and Jacqueline for making the day such an amazing adventure!! Your partnership is perfect! The jewelry you designed for my shoot was so powerful and graceful and energetic all at the same time! Much Thanks!!

Jai Ma

-Gina Gagliano


“My photo shoot with Veronica and Jacqueline was absolutely divine! From the moment you walk in you are treated like a goddess and enter into ceremony. They understood the vision of the Feminine archetypes I wanted to embody and took their time piecing each element together for an amazing transformation! They are truly artists at work... creating a safe sacred space for the Divine Feminine within you to surface. This experience has revealed a deeper appreciation for myself, my body, my soul, and my mission here. A new blossom of self confidence has unfolded, and I thank these ladies for nurturing me and showing me just how powerful I am.”

-Samantha Wood 

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