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Stargate Transmission
Prepare to step into the Stargate this year with Quantum Healing, Empowerments, and Interstellar teachings from Mary Magdalene & Hathor & Sacred Tea Ceremonies

April 16- 18, 2021

Golden Dragon Healing Temple

Ingleside, Illinois 

(come for 1 event or all 4!)

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Sacred Harmonics 

Friday, April 16  7pm - 10pm

Live Music, Mayan Cacao, Sacred Chants, Sound Healing & Nidra Ceremony

with Sam Bianchini


Connecting to your Divine Feminine and using the healing vibration of sound, voice and movement to bring that alchemy into your body. 


Live Music and Sacred Chants with organic feminine flow, Sacred Mayan Cacao ceremony with Icaros opening a beautiful portal to the Magical Realms, then ending with Sound Healing and Nidra Ceremony.


Sacred Mayan Cacao alchemized with homemade maple syrup with vanilla, rose or lavender.

Offering $66





















Activating Your Divine Genome

Cosmic Womb Portal Initiation & Activation

Saturday, April 17 12pm - 5pm

Co-facilitated with Veronica Ruiz & Lisa Selby

Galactic Golden Age Rose Sisters, calling in our Soul Tribe to sit in council. We will divinely gather as we build a rainbow bridge of light anchoring your Divine Genome and Golden Age Light Ray on sacred portal land. Activating your Christed Crystalline DNA and connecting your Sovereign True Starlight in a protected Galactic Portal. 


You will experience:

-Holy Womb Grail Activation, Transmission & Sophia Divine Feminine Christ Initiation from Mary Magdalene connecting us to the Gateways & Portals within our yoni, womb, the elements and the cosmic womb


 -Hathor Quantum Sovereignty Activation & Transmission to embody our Higher Self Soul Power inside a Golden Pyramid Light Chamber  

-Heart opening sisterhood circles

-Egyptian Blue Lotus Tea Elixer


-A love ritual from the times of Yeshua and Magdalene, washing your feet utilizing high vibrational holy waters with sacred herbs of rose, spikenard and vetiver.


-Each woman will receive a womb anointing with the Sophia Temple Womb oils & Blue Lotus Myrrhophore Oils, honoring your maiden, mother & crone yoni gateways that may need love, healing, nurturing & purification.

 -Womb clearings and empowerments at the cosmic core


-Priestess Initiations & Activations


-Energetic Transmissions from Ascended Masters Mary Magdalene & Hathor


-Crystal Bowl Sound Healing 

Let your deepest heart & soul receive these words. These potent energies are coming to burst our hearts open to step into our sovereignty & truth.

Offering $222













Sacred Purification Elixir Tea Ceremony 

Saturday, April 17  7:30pm - overnight

Ancient Temple Creations


After being fully activated in our Holy Temples, we will sit in a Divine Masculine Tea Ceremony to continue surrendering and opening up to our higher aspects 

We will participate in various Ancient Temple Creations during our ceremony: 

-Mary Magdalene Divine Feminine Ascended Master Transmission in her Ethereal Temple to Illuminate your Keys 🔑 of Truth to all your personal doorways and pathways of ultimate healing🌹


-Candle Puja Ceremony in The Golden Dragon Temple🔥


-Create your own Magical Journal using handmade papers, recycled leather and crystals💎


-Bonfire with dance on Dragon Land and Galactic Stargate Portal🔥

-Gathering different herbs like the olden days on the Frankincense Trail, we will Alchemize beautiful Incense Blends by rolling the plants and resins with our hands 🌱


We will make loose resin incense that will be burned on charcoal, along with hand rolled incense cones or rods, stick incense for prayers, and also a smudge bundle with herbs, resins, and an activated crystal.  


Each woman will receive a care package with a powdered herb, resin, or oil and a card that explains the energetic resonance of the materials, blank incense punks, oils, powdered Egyptian frankincense,  Palo Santo stick, sage, herbs, crystal, and string. 


In sacred ceremonial space, we will read the blessings of our herb and ritually add it to the bowl, bless and anoint it with healing crystals and our collective energy, then divide it up so everyone will have some to take home.  


We will use a portion of that blessed incense to make the hand rolled sticks. 

This event includes an overnight stay, Goddess Slumber Style.

Offering $250


Oil Priestess Initiation, Breathwork

& Tea Ceremony 

Sunday, April 18 10am - 3pm


We will participate in a Sacred Tea Ceremony to open our sacred hearts.

After our powerful activation codes we will participate in a Sacred Tea Ceremony to continue surrendering, opening and balancing our earth elements and cosmic selves.


Breathwork, Sacred Tea Ceremony, Anointing Priestess Initiation & Alchemize Oils, Golden Age Sun Catchers, Removal of Dark Entities & Releasing Timeline Trauma

The second Sunday after Easter is when Mary Magdalene would bring her apprentices into her sacred cave to initiate them into the lineage of the Myrrhophores. 

In ancient times, the Myrrhophores, or myrrh-bearers or mistresses of the oils, these Priestesses worked with sacred anointing oils dating back to Egyptian and Magdalena times. They were used to heal and even bring people back to life. Mary Magdalene anointed the body of Yeshua and Isis anointed the sacred body of Osiris.


Offering $222



Sacred Heart Package (all 4 events) $760 Discounted $699

Sacred Harmonics (Nidra Ceremony/Live Sacred Music) $66

Cosmic Womb Portal (Divine Genome Activation/Transmission/Initiation) $222

Sacred Purification (Elixir Tea Ceremony)  $250 -includes overnight stay

Breathwork Elixir Tea Ceremony $222


Option to spend the night (Goddess slumber style) on Friday for $40 each

(includes breakfast)

**Limited Spots and some are already accounted for!**


The events will take place at the Golden Dragon Healing Temple in Ingleside, Illinois.


A 50% deposit is required to hold your spot on a first reserve, first serve basis.

Spacing is limited! 


You can also pay in full if you’d like.


When submitting payment, please let us know if you will be attending all 4 events or which one(s).


Once your space has been reserved with a deposit, we offer payment plans in any increment, until your remaining balance has been paid in full before the start of the event. 


Payment Options

  • PayPal: Divine Creations, LLC


       (send friends and family option or a 5% service fee)

  • Credit Card (5% service fee): Send us your email & we will send you an invoice.

  • Check by Mail (no fees): Contact us


Ingleside, Illinois is northwest of Chicago, near the Wisconsin border. 


If you’re coming in from out of town, you can fly into Chicago O’hare International Airport (40 miles/ 50 minutes) and rent a car. 

There will be a private Facebook group to coordinate flights, travel, car rentals, etc. with other guests.


Refund Policy

Please be sure you want to attend. We do not refund deposits or any payments. Please review our complete refund policy HERE

Contact Us

While further details, including property address, check-in/check-out times, schedule, diet restrictions & packing list will be sent closer to retreat date and upon registration, please feel free to contact us with any questions at



This magical event is co-facilitated by:




Veronica Ruiz from Sacred Divine Goddess

Anointing Temple Sister Lisa Selby 

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