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Saffron Soma

Liquid Gold

with Real Diamond Essence


Shakti Kundalini

Dragon Dakini Nectar


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Saffron Soma Liquid Gold with Real Diamond Essence




This fragrant, vivacious feminine nectar is elegantly entwined in Eastern mysticism. From her use as an ecstatic spirit enhancing tea in Sufi Whirling ceremonies, to the Amrita empowerments and Chulen cave alchemy formulas of Himalayan Buddhism, and in Soma, the eternal elixirs of yogis gifted from the Vedic Gods of India.


Saffron is evidenced as a mystical ingredient in sacred love potions throughout ancient Greek and Roman eras, as well as in spirit lifting infusions way back into Kemetic Egypt, and likely much further. Biblically it is presented in synergy with more mystical plant spirits:



Organic steam distilled mystical Himalayan Saffron Stigma & Flower Oil. Grown with permaculture principles by cultivators in Kashmir, North India.

INGREDIENTS: Steam Distilled Saffron Essential Oil (Crocus Sativus) in a Base of Cold Pressed Organic Avocado Oil (Persea Americana), Love & Diamond Light encodings.


Song of Solomon 4:14-16

14 Spikenard and Saffron; Calamus and Cinnamon, with all trees of Frankincense; Myrrh and Aloes, with all the chief spices:

15 A fountain of gardens, a well of living waters, and streams from Lebanon.

16 Awake, O north wind; and come, thou south; blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out. Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits.




Saffron is regarded as a master sattvic herb, on par with the heavenly Lotus. 


Sattvic is an embodied quality of the Divine. The yogic system classes herbs (and all experiences) as either sattvic (pure; balancing; pacifying), rajasic (stimulating; activating; irritating), or tamasic (dulling and lethargic; inertia inducing).


That which gifts sattva gifts the path to energetic perfection.


In Hindu culture, Saffron is widely used in tilak, a red paste which is applied to the eyebrow centre. This has multiple functions. One is to anoint the deity within by activating and awakening the pineal gland, the Ajna chakra through the Kshetram (the surface pressure point of a chakra). Secondly is to protect the third eye from negative psychic influence; thirdly to increase the glow of one’s aura; fourthly to enhance the magnetic attraction of one’s inner vision becoming manifest.


Saffron brightens the mind and sharpens the awareness of the divine within and all around. 


She is a par excellence Bhakti Yogi herb, with unique heart opening devotional qualities unified with Shakti Kundalini which fuel grounded loving kindness being embodied in action. 


She is especially supportive for the sustained daily endurance (tejas) and soul strength (Atmabala) of Karma and household yogis, who frequently find themselves with a blossoming list of  ‘to dos’. She can sure bolster us in feeling capable of balancing many tasks and projects;  assisting in prioritizing and sustaining energy to see things through to completion.


Saffron is treasured for gifting sensual mood enhancement. She imbues sensual positivity with enhanced creativity and loving feelings in one's life, assisting in positive pro & co-creation in all forms. 


Saffron excels in instilling energetic balance of structure with flow; strength with flexion; method with wisdom.

Saffron enhances and top’s up one's core spiritual reserves of light body nectars (ojas), which according to Ayurveda is most concentrated and connected with our creative sexual energy. Saffron is said to enhance the functioning of this vital energy in both the masculine and feminine.




A Master Amplifer & Activator


In Ayurvedic terms, Saffron acts as a carrier (anupan) and amplifier (yogavahi) of other herbs. This means less of other herbs are required, to achieve a similar affect. This has been known and practiced in Indo-Tibetan wisdom traditions for thousands of years in the creation of formulas.


In Tibet, Saffron tea is taken shortly after the ingestion of Mani Rilbu (Precious Pills). Such pills contain ingredients such as alchemically processed Diamond ash, Gold, Silver, as well as herbs like Lotus, Spikenard, and of course, more Saffron.

The tea is taken as a way to ‘seal’ in the Mani Rilbu and drive the energetic information and healing benefits of the pill formula deeper into the yogic light body of energy channels (nadis). 


Saffron is special in this way as it has the ability to access all 72,000 nadi energy channels and 114 major and minor chakras. This means Saffron is a complete light body nectar, which can wash and assist us to shine through any type of physical, mental and energetic and psychic blockages that can arise, whilst also catalyzing the effectiveness of other herbs and formulas.


She accesses the totality of our divine blueprint, which holds all quantum energetic information of our soul, encoded in light quanta. This gives an idea of how she can have such significant influence in our body-mind-soul continuum.





Be here, Now..

Rest, Naturally, in compassion.


That is all..


From our experience, this is the ultimate gift of her friendship.


Amidst all the stirring and whirling of daily life phenomena, she gently pings us back into the present, enhanced with an optimistic signature of light heartedness and play. She guides us to feel what is truly resonant and present in our hearts and that of those around us, and to live in love, embodied from that compassionate centre within ourselves.


What better way is there to begin and continue one’s day?


Scientifically there are numerous studies published online that suggest Saffron can support, balance, restore and improve mental-emotional experiences, particularly assisting people to feel lighter in their mood, clearer in their perception of conventional reality, plus sharper in their ability to recall information and experiences.





Saffron is embodied, concentrated solar light, the alchemical element of fire in its highest, refined, purified expression (tejas). Thus, she is renowned for her ability to assist in internal alchemy of physical, mental and emotional processing requirements.


As an herb potent in both agni (fire/metabolism/awareness consciousness) and soma (water/nectar/eternal bliss consciousness), she can be expressed as he, she, and in the highest expression as a complete union of masculine and feminine counterparts. We primarily express the feminine presence aspect as we find this the most relatable approach to begin with Saffron. In true union, the polarity of masculine-feminine is superseded and dissolved into the ultimate truth of oneness. Thus Saffron is an emblem of internal union alchemy.


As a spiritual ally, Saffron can benefit us in instant quantum emotional processing. If you feel stuck on or triggered with something, she can quickly transform our vision and frequency to seeing and feeling new perspectives with opportunities that allow quantum leaps forward. Think calm, collected, enthusiastic ‘Aha’ moments. She can also assist in ancestral processing and alchemising of generational content.


As a divine concentration of light, Saffron’s frequency has been recently resembled to the mystical Noya Rao, a bioluminescent glowing Queen tree of the Amazonian rainforest. This tree is said to be the only tree an Indigenous healer (curandero) requires to serve their community.


When we connect with Saffron, we find we are able to sustain our awareness and immerse ourselves fully in whatever activity we are engaged in, like a candle that burns bright and consistent regardless of any momentary wind that comes and goes, akin to life’s coming and going distractions.





She can nourish us in developing depth, trust and authentic intimacy in friendships, including our inner relationship of narratives and feelings.

Ultimately she instills present moment awareness, bringing us back into experience the innate connection with all that is.






Modern Scientific research has found Saffron is supportive in keeping the body healthy, slender, rejuvenating and vigorous. She promotes the body in its’ self regulating and tissue regrowth processes that ensure a grand and enjoyable life. She is one of the best spleen-liver meridian regulators and an ally to the blood and circulatory systems, cooling the blood while catalyzing its movement throughout the channels.

She also eases the emotional shifts in the female menstrual cycle whilst supporting regularity and is said to bolster the growth and support fertility in the reproductive system of men and women.That being said, she is contraindicated with pregnancy, in the way she supports menstrual flow.



It cools and clarifies the mind whilst invigorating insight and creativity.


Saffron is especially beneficial for circulation and enhances the natural glow of the skin. Saffron is used in many modern day high end skincare and beauty products to boost an auric glow.


Saffron can strengthen the spirit of the heart and comfort the lungs, restoring their natural functioning. It kindles and tones the Agni processing ability of the system. Just as Saffron improves emotional assimilation, so to is it noted for its benefits in improving digestive assimilation of nutrition whilst fueling detoxification abilities.






Saffron is said to balance all three doshas (tridosha) of the five elements (earth, water, air, fire & space). Making it a widespread balancing herb for many different dosha makeups of people (vrikriti).




She is most noted as a culinary spice, where her unique fragrance captivates and catalyzes an entire dish. Here Saffron excels in supporting the assimilation of nutrition whilst fulfilling an acquired taste palette. 





Saffron embodies entwined wealth and health codes.


As the most expensive and aromatic spice on the planet, it is one of the most mystical herbs for quantum manifestation magic. 


Saffron is seen as the ‘King’ rejuvenation nectar of Ayurveda. 


She is an embodiment of abundance; such a tiny red stigma and small lilac flower contains potent concentrations of universal prana, nectar (ojas) and soul-fueling fire (tejas). She is a true inspiration, and serves as a metaphor of the potential potency us relatively small human beings can be of significant benefit to this huge planetary home we live within.


Saffron can be a fantastic ally first thing in the morning to assist with uplifting your mood and keep you feeling satiated throughout the first half of the day, even deep into the afternoon. She can also benefit us before bed to induce pleasant rest, while enhancing dreams of abundance and love manifestations. Her presence encourages the mind to unwind from the responsibilities of the day.


Connect with her for stepping into and expressing the God & Goddess essence within, the true King & Queen encoded soul rights within us all.







Anointing: 1 drop each on third eye, crown, heart chakra & wrist points. Massaged in counter-clockwise.

1-3 drops on wrists to apply as perfume to neck

5-10 drops massaged into hair

Add 5-15 drops to oil diffusers 




Spiritual Soma Immersions.


Deepen your relation with the divine union nectar of inner bliss & delight. 


21 day Alchemical Dieta Training.

Saffron is one of three primary herbal spirit allies of the Himalayan cave yogi traditions. It’s extensive use in the higher yogic paths of Kriya, Tantra and Alchemy are on par with its divine consort, the mystical Jatamansi (Spikenard), and their Trinity holding temple abode of the Lotus blossom (the latter two we also guide dietas for.)


Before diving into just some of the countless applications and activations of this superior wisdom spirit (which we will cover all we know in the training), take a moment to energetically attune with Saffron in this now.


Drop into your diamond heart lotus, soften your gaze, relax your abdomen and breathe deep to attune within… 


Once settled and centered in this now…


What is calling your soul to explore your inner union with this master plant? 



And can you envision how you, Saffron and we your facilitators can each nourish one other through this 21 day journey?


In this 3 week cycle we will equip you with internal alchemy practices that enhance your inner telepathic union with Saffron, as well as catalyze the energetic light body & emotional benefits that this plant spirit gifts. 


We will share with you daily guided meditations, and preparations of Saffron as both a steam distilled oil infusion, as dried stigma, as incense and as a wearable paste (tilak). We will cover how to make essence water with Saffron and dive into the metaphysics of this quantum light nectar.


An overview of the history and evolution of Saffron in spiritual traditions as well as its current status in modern healthcare will be included.


You will also receive an opening ceremony activation, a mid-dieta recalibration and a closing bestowing ceremony. These will be held online, or in person where physically possible.


Support will be available by Signal communication app throughout the 21 days of the dieta and the following 14 days integration for any questions that arise in relation to your spiritual merging and continuation with Saffron. Daily video logging of your experience is encouraged, and required to receive our blessing of certified completion of the dieta alchemy journey.


It is our invitation with this dieta that once you have deepened your telepathy with its’ spirit and feel competent in your connection, you may feel called to sharing this plant spirit intimately in your path of planetary healing service, in your own unique ceremonial way of expression.

Ceremonial training of how we share this nectar in ceremony is included in the dieta.






We offer this nectar as a prayer, an offering to the divine within you and the great spirit of all divinity, all around.


All our products are provided as spiritual education. None of our products are intended to diagnose, treat or cure any condition whatsoever in any way. We simply share ancient knowledge and modern research out of fascination for plant spirit technologies, for inspiring your further educational research and interest in plant spirit wisdom.


All products are presented as heart offerings from the fruits of our research. Such items are not recognized nor evaluated by the FDA and we therefore make no medical claims nor health claims for any of them. Rather, all information presented regarding the products in their listing, or on any product label or packaging is for informational purposes only, presented in context of historical or anecdotal usage as well as based on publicly available research of published studies and writings on the product or product contents, and should be seen as it is provided for, as educational purposes. The products and information presented in these listings are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. The information presented in the products are not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional. You should not use this information for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem. Claims for traditional use do not establish that these practices or any of our products will achieve desired results and are not a substitute for scientific research testing the efficacy of a product. We make no claims with respect to products efficacy for any purpose whatsoever. When purchasing any of our products offered here, you agree to full understanding and acceptance of this disclaimer and take full risk and responsibility for how you use these product(s).


Gratitude to the photographers & artists!

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