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Heavenly Exquisite & Mystically Mesmerising

Diamond Lotus Bliss Body Nectar

Feel: Bliss, Peace, Stillness & Love

Think: Thought-Free Present Moment Awareness

Energy Centres: All 114 Chakras & 144,000 Channels

This is a unique & palpably potent nectar. An Entheogenic Elixir of Life.


It is a Par Excellence Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Light Body Nutrition that enhances the inner bliss embodiment of the Soul. It elegantly enhances the higher expressions of Soulful Will whilst cuts through internal incoherent programming with Divine Healing Light.

It assists you to feel immersed with content in your daily experiences, feeling the sweet spot of the generous present moment.

Lotus Bliss Body:

Lotus & their closely related, often interchangeably named Water Lilly species have a special relationship with human light bodies, and the Blue variety of Water Lilly can be received as the most Bliss inducing. With Lotus' Environmental Affinity for Waters, they assist us in developing our inner waters; our Plasma Bodies, which are our Bliss bodies. This is Nymphae Caerula, the Water Lilly most associated with Ancient Egypt. It is cultivated in Sri Lanka, a rich fertile home for this species, where I used to collect by hand in various colour expressions along the back jungle waterways.


Ancient Legacy:

Both with longstanding history as precious substances often reserved for Royalty such as Egyptian Pharoahs & Queens, less is known of their superior rejuvenation & purification abilities as potent medicines, and much less as Diamond Rainbow Body Enlightenment Foods of the Himalayan Cave Yogi Traditions. Both enhance and balance the hormones, and by doing so, this elixir supports the system to then internally produce the Eternal Heavenly Amrita Bliss Secretions.

Together they assist to dissolve addictive patterns and dependencies into faded memories of the past, whilst boosting the flexibility of your sense of self & conscious processing abilities. Indeed Lotus has an intriguing affect on balancing dopamine in the human brain, something that is potentially invaluable in modern digital dopaminergic dependant times.

They each have special abilities to purify karmic blockages in the energy body & awaken the sacred 'Buddha Body' enjoyment templates within. Traditionally used for Deity Yoga in Indian, Tibetan & Egyptian Wisdom Traditions, we offer this elixir to awaken your own unique Diamond Lotus Bliss Body Templates direct with Creator Spirit.


Quantum Dreaming & Heavenly Visionary:

Both Lotus & Diamond are Crown Jewel premier nectars for both internal & external alchemy. As they each access the entire divine blueprint of 144,000 Channels & 114 Chakras, they also carry & amplify all other herbs, alchemical edible metals, gems, thoughts, feelings, sounds, light languages, movements, breath kriyas & your manifestations. Thus they are perfect accompaniments to spiritual activities. Diamond predominently amplifies, and if you are looking for a major medicinal amplifier, we recommend you get our Saffron Nano Diamond Nectar.

As a quantum elixir, this nectar instantly scans and attunes your etheric field, aligning & co-ordinating the emotional plasma bliss body aspects of your being. When consumed sublingually, within a few seconds it will enter your bloodstream and palpably soften any inner tensions to unravel you in Divine Lotus Goddess Spirit Presence.

Lotus is a superb ally for Stargate teleportation and exploring higher realms through the Dreamtime, as it has been revered for since ancient Egypt timelines. It is a legendary Yoga Nidra & Dream Yoga support of the Himalayan Adepts & can be ideal in the waking Dreamtime to merge with the Unified Field of Pristine Awareness. It is sublime at stilling an incessantly whirling mind, making a Mindfreeness Meditation Master for your daily practice.

Lotus uniquely stands out from all other vision-inducing spirits with its heavenly special realms of supreme beauty.

Spiritual Consciousness:

Behold The Jewel in The Lotus

The Union of All Dualities

Merging Energetic Polarities

Into the Clarity of Oneness

Eternal Love Abundance





















Social Connectivity:


This elixir can nourish you to feeling sincere empathy, intuitive trust and authentic heart connection in friendships, including the inner relationship of narratives and feelings within yourself. It may enhance the beauty we perceive and receive both inside and around.

It instills present moment awareness, bringing us back into experience the innate connection with all that is. A sublime social alternative to caffeine or other social celebration beverages & bites. Saffron particularly has studied use in assisting transition from addictive substance misuse.

Divine Love:


Blue Lotus predominantly unites the 3 elixir fields (dan diens) of the heart, sacral and brow centres, though energetically interconnects all 114 Chakra points in the light body. It is a sacred sacrament that imbibes healthy arousal with relaxed contentment with the present, making it ideal in romantic intimacy alchemy. Both Lotus and Diamond are premier aphrodisiacs enhancing healthy libidos.


Supple and moisturising, whilst also purifying and protective.

A Modern New Earth Alchemy:

We have curated this elixir as a new expression of an ancient wisdom duo using modern Alchemical methods of Steam Distillation and Nano Gemstone Alchemy. In Particular, our use of Steam Distillation significantly amplifies the concentrated potency of the Blue Lotus in our elixir. 


Thus, each 1 ounce bottle of concentrated Nectar provides a 5 month (150 days) supply of sublingual use at 2x 3 drops per day.

Ceremonial Activation:


All our Elixir Alchemies are curated in Sacred God Consciousness Ceremonies, to bring forth the unified field of Eternal Living Light Diamond Solar transmissions and to curate in the highest embodied expression of our Angelic Christos Sophia Diamond Union Light Bodies.


Daily Uses & Ceremonial Applications:

  • Sublingual 1-3 drops 1-2x daily

  • 3-5 drops applied massaged into face

  • 1 drop massaged into crown, bindu, brow centre & back of neck energy points

  • 2 drops massaged in palm of hands before alternate nostril breathing

  • 1-3 drops in bath 

  • 15-30 drops in personal skin & haircare care products 

  • 5-10 drops in oil lamp or aromatherapy diffuser

  • 1-3 drops with Cacao / Blue Lotus / Rose / Herbal Teas / Master Entheogens


Steam Distilled Blue Water Lilly Flower (Nymphae Caerula) & Real Alchemical Nano Diamond in a base of Organic Cold Pressed Avocado Oil (Persea Americana). God Consciousness Activation

$177/ bottle

Blue Lotus Nano Diamond Nectar Dieta: 40 Day Spiritual Initiation



Feeling resonant with this Eternal Elixir?

Infused to journey deeper & cultivate your unique healing gifts with it?

We provide an in depth medicinal dieta; spiritual initiation and esoteric training to first work inwardly with the Energetics & Spirits of both Saffron & Diamond, so that you may skilfully work with them in your healing services. This includes daily Ceremonial practice with certain meditations and postures to open dormant channels in your light body & manifestation work.


This is also an opportunity for exoteric study into much, much more knowledge about the medicinal, energetic and spiritual functionings and varied ancient applications of these two nectars.

You will not find a deeper direct initiation into these two premier medicines than this.

This is our entry level training in our Diamond Union Alchemy Academy, a New Earth Mystery School if you will.

The initiation is designed to equip you to work deeply with this elixir both in your own personal healing and services to others. On completion of this training, we offer Light Ambassador saving rates to carry this elixir in your healing offerings and refer your clients, that you can earn from and outshine your initial numerical investment in the training: adding both depth in healing and an abundance avenue to your healing stream. 

You are also most welcome to partake in this training just for your personal development.


With us you will receive certified experience and spiritual connection, not a piece of paper with your name on it. 

$666 Including Elixir, Initiation Content plus 1:1 Diamond Light Body Dieta Opening & Closing Sessions.



Rainbow Bubbles




We offer this nectar as a prayer, an offering to the divine within you and the great spirit of all divinity, all around.


All our products are provided as spiritual education. None of our products are intended to diagnose, treat or cure any condition whatsoever in any way. We simply share ancient knowledge and modern research out of fascination for plant spirit technologies, for inspiring your further educational research and interest in plant spirit wisdom.


All products are presented as heart offerings from the fruits of our research. Such items are not recognized nor evaluated by the FDA and we therefore make no medical claims nor health claims for any of them. Rather, all information presented regarding the products in their listing, or on any product label or packaging is for informational purposes only, presented in context of historical or anecdotal usage as well as based on publicly available research of published studies and writings on the product or product contents, and should be seen as it is provided for, as educational purposes. The products and information presented in these listings are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. The information presented in the products are not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional. You should not use this information for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem. Claims for traditional use do not establish that these practices or any of our products will achieve desired results and are not a substitute for scientific research testing the efficacy of a product. We make no claims with respect to products efficacy for any purpose whatsoever. When purchasing any of our products offered here, you agree to full understanding and acceptance of this disclaimer and take full risk and responsibility for how you use these product(s).


Gratitude to the photographers & artists!

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