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October 12-19, 2022

A Sacred Journey for Women & Men

Over the powerful 10/10 portal!

Journey to the Activation Portals of Egypt to activate your inner remembrance at these sacred lands and temples! 

In this quantum year of Ascension, the stargate has opened up for us to dive deeper & higher into our inner gnosis & to truly connect to our divinity. Some are being called to travel to certain sacred lands to receive the keys & codes for our remembrance… Those that hold certain codes within their DNA are called to travel to Egypt to open up & remember their true calling & gifts & be a pillar and transmitter of eternal living light at certain Stargate locations.

Experience the resonance of this sacred land and receive the wisdom codes from its living temples, activating your genetic memory and inherent knowing. This is an opportunity for the embodiment of divine love and remembrance of the sacred keys of divinity within you. Accessing Ancient Egyptian Wisdom through direct experience and transmissions, while working with the Divine frequencies of the Neteru, experiencing the sacred beauty and divine magic of Ancient Egypt. Travelling with a team of gifted facilitators & spiritual guides providing a high end luxury experience.
In times of great awakening we journey to places of heightened spiritual energies because contact with such energy is a catalyst to our own awakening. Here is where the resonance is most felt and energetic signatures directly accessed and received.
Ancient sacred sites were created with divine awareness with an impeccable precision of mathematical and sacred geometrical architecture combined with a specific combination of natural elements over the earth’s most powerful leylines to create harmonic resonance with archetypal energies, natural frequencies, and creative principles of Spirit. Expressed in Nature as a living conscious energy, bridged and interacting through humanity. The Purpose of the Temples is to elevate human Consciousness to the Divine Realms and invite the Divine Power of the Neteru to inhabit the Temples and unify with Humanity. 
Our journey will take us through the temples of Egypt to experience consciously these energies and creative principles within oneself, which the Egyptians identified as the Neteru/God/Goddess/ Cosmic Law/Universal Principles. 

You are an alchemist being called to reawaken and activate a deep, primordial knowing inside of you and to align with your true God/Goddess energy.  What better place than Egypt to unveil your ancient wisdom, surrounded by the pyramids, deserts, and the river Nile.  
You will be fully immersed in sacred community, in one of the most impressive civilizations the world has seen, with a rich culture, archaeological treasures and energetic vortexes unmatched anywhere on Earth! This journey will take you into the depths of your true nature with activations, honoring, exploration and nurturing of your innate divine gifts.  We will ignite the spark of remembrance in your heart as you rise into your divinity and celebrate the God Avatar that you already are.  You will remember your sacred and wise ways and cultivate a deeper connection with all that is.


The Starseed Gathering

Our 7-day Egyptian retreat will include amazing single or double occupancy accommodations, ground transportation to and from the airport and for excursions, an abundance of activations, sacred rituals, community circles and breathtaking adventures, including:


  • Travel to the Great Pyramids, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World with visits to the pyramids of Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerinus

  • A visit to the Great Sphinx, the Valley Temple and other amazing locations

  • Explore the Temple of Philae, dedicated to Goddess Isis

  • Cairo explorations

  • A 3-night Nile River cruise and sail to Edfu with stops in between

  • Sail to Komombo & Luxor to visit Sobek, Karnak & Luxor Temples

  • Visits to the Temple of Horus

  • Meditate at the temple of Goddess Sekhmet

  • A desert camel ride (optional)

  • Swimming in the turquoise waters of the Red Sea!

  • A Sound & Light show at the Giza Pyramids

2 Day Extension ADD on: 

Dendarah & Abydos:


Dendarah is the Temple of Hathor, she represents the Divine Nourisher. Goddess of Love & Fertility. 1.5hrs drive North of Luxor.


Abydos is where the Osirion & Temple of Seti are located dedicated to Osiris, the regenerative principle of holy father. Spiritual pilgrimage site of Ancient Egypt & where the first dynastic kings were found. Another 1.5hrs drive from Dendarah.

$250 extra per day/$500 double

Add$150 single occupancy


This Retreat is Co-facilitated by:

Veronica Ruiz of Sacred Divine Goddess


Kryst Raia Ryan Melchizedek of Solar Union Ascension

Reza Raia and Kryst Ryan are a HieroGamic Sacred Union. Together they are Kryst Raia Ryan Melchizedek. Universal Founder Representatives. They have come together to help restore our Organic Templates. Fully devoted to the Resurrection of the Return of the Divine Mother, Father, God. To assist in the Divine Mission to bring Liberation, Sovereignty, Peace, Unity and Love back to our sacred lands, our brothers and sisters, our home.


Through their love, light codes and harmonics they are here to assist our Brothers and Sisters and all of God’s Creations during this Ascension Cycle, to be able to step into their True and Authentic Selves. Into their Eternal God Embodiment. They are here as your divine reflection, so that you can remember who you really are and have always been.

Ahmed El Feqy of Sun Gate Tours & Sky Walker Healings

Richard & Rosalie Melchizedek of Starseeds Changing the World

Richard Melchizedek and Rosalie Brigid are a Sacred Hierogamic Union. They are Christos Dragon Founders and Key Holders of the Maji Grail King and Queen Lineages that are here to restore the genetic libraries of our sacred Angelic Human Tribes. They hold a Divine Alchemical Union frequency and embodiment of pure Omni Love. They also play a role as Guardians of the Cathars and the New Earth Elemental Kingdoms. 


Richard and Rosalie are New Earth Leaders that are transmuting and crystalizing the Unity Consciousness Blueprint. They are activating the grand rising of our Sovereign Kings and Sovereign Queens and the returning of the Pendragon Lineages. Richard and Rosalie are Master Keyholders for the Diamond Sun Grail Lineages, Heart Alchemists, and Keepers of Hierogamic Edenic and Avalon Coding. Their Divine Mission is to complete the Emerald Covenant, anchor the Organic Ascension Timeline, and prepare for the great transition of humanity. They are here to restore our rightful place as Cosmic Citizens among the Interdimensional Free World Councils and Kingdoms of God.

Details and Inclusions

  • Amazing accommodations shared with other retreat guests, with a comfy bed of your own

  • Cruise board with sights and stops along the Nile River

  • Meals on the cruise

  • Guided excursions and tours to explore where the original God/Goddesses once graced their presence

  • Entrance fees

  • Domestic airfare:  Hurghada / Cairo

  • All transfers in Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan

  • Air-conditioned ground transportation


Your retreat package includes luxury accommodations in Cairo, Hurghada, and aboard a luxury overnight cruise ship.  You have the option of a single or double occupancy room (accommodations shared with other retreat participants).   Each guest will reserve their room on a first reserve, first serve basis.  If you will be traveling with a friend, you are welcome to room with them – otherwise, we will happily partner you with a roommate for the double occupancy rate.


  • The cost for this transformational 7-day, 6-night experience is $2995 for double occupancy and an additional $500 for single occupancy.

  • Installment payment options are available.

  • A $500 deposit is required in order to reserve your space.

  • Final payment of the remaining balance must be received one month prior to departure (no exceptions) to avoid the $200 late payment fee.


Payment Options

  • PayPal: Divine Creations, LLC


       (send friends and family option or a 5% service fee)

  • Zelle (an easy way to send free bank transfers):

  • Credit Card (5% service fee): Send us your email & we will send you an invoice.

  • Check by Mail (no fees): Contact us


  • International airfare and travel insurance

  • Visa entry for Egypt

  • Handling Fee of  $200 to be given to our Egyptian Counterpart directly

To give space for ceremony, energy work, transmissions, etc that's normally not allowed at the sacred sites

  • Drinks on the cruise

  • Lunches & Dinners (when not on the cruise)


  • IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please wait to book your flights until this retreat has reached the minimum number of participants. You will receive an email on when to book your flights! 

  • Book your international flights arriving into Cairo International Airport.

  • Travel time will take 16 + hours to get there depending on where you are flying from in the US.  Please make sure to allow enough flying/travel time to arrive on the start date of the retreat. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK this very important detail. I can help review your flight itineraries before booking.

  • Cairo, Egypt is 9 hours ahead of Los Angeles time-zone; 7 hours ahead of Chicago time-zone

  • Passport info:  You must have a visa to enter Egypt.  U.S. citizens can obtain a renewable single-entry 30-day tourist visa on arrival at Egyptian airports for a 25 USD fee. U.S. citizens who have experienced difficulty with their visa status in Egypt or are concerned about their eligibility for a visa upon arrival should apply for a visa at an Egyptian embassy or consulate prior to travel.

Refund Policy

Please review our complete refund policy HERE.

Contact us

While further details, including retreat property address, check-in/check-out times, complete retreat schedule, & packing list will be sent closer to retreat date and upon registration, please feel free to contact us with any questions at

Join us on our

Jordanian Retreat!

It begins right before Egypt on October 5-10!


We look forward to welcoming you in Egypt!

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