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Awaken to your Inner Glow 




Petra, Jordan

October 5-10, 2022

Over the 10.10 Portal

Women & Men

In the Ancient City of Lights

Walk in the footsteps of the ancient mystics,

taking in the aroma of high vibrational burning incense, sleep under the star filled skies in the desert vistas, imagine your childhood dreams of magic carpet rides and genie lanterns, explore the winding alleys of exotic and fragrant markets filled with colorful spices and herbs, be mesmerized by the narrow passageways and illuminated gorges surrounded by the soaring red-rose cliffs, and envision the colorfully decorated camel caravans of days of old carrying textiles, perfumes and resins from distant lands.

Veiled in mystery, walk this path with your fellow avatars hearing the same heart calling. Imagine opening the ancient scrolls of leather and papyrus, revealing the secrets of your heart and the depth of your soul, connecting you to your ancient roots. The allure of this holy land will illuminate your spirit. You feel it. You know it. It is there. It is rumbling under your feet. You go there to dream and to feel the power. The timeless inscriptions carved in stone in the temples and ritual sites, opens you to reflection where the known and the unknown meet.


The Goddess energy is strong here, as you wander the ageless paths, you will see Isis, the Goddess deity of Petra, carved in the sandstone Temple of the Winged Lion, knowing the Divine Feminine power still flourishes and thrives.

Unlock the Gates, Open your Heart and Surrender in True Devotion to that of the Divine Will. It is within your own Heart that you will hear the Voice of Divinity Honoring you. Divine Union with your Sacred Heart creates a clear pathway for hearing the Voice of your Higher Self and the Love your Inner Child. 


This gathering has been unfolding for many lifetimes, Igniting that Spark and Reawakening that Power within to assist in your Divine Knowing.


Your Soul Family is here guiding you to your Inner Temple of Truth and God Consciousness so that you can remember your Angelic frequency of Pure Light. It’s time to Transmute everything to the Light, raising our Frequencies to the highest levels of Diamond Rainbow Light, update our Temples to access our highest timeline so that we can see through the eyes of Creator’s Unconditional Love.


There is an Ancient Magic that Awakens the God/Goddess within when we join our Hearts together that is so powerful and nurturing. When you are filled with Creator’s Love, the Grace, Bliss, Beauty, inner Joy and Peace that is bestowed is beyond words. Living your Heaven on Earth, fully Anchored and Embodied.

The Gathering


For 6 magical days, we will gather in a safe, inspiring and exotic setting in the mysterious Arabian Desert, surrounded by gorgeous landscapes and star filled skies. Our days will be filled with spiritual adventure, exploration, and activities to ignite your inner radiance.


Here’s just some of what you can expect at the Ancient City of Lights Retreat:


  • ​Experience a labyrinth ceremony in the ancient city of Petra with a candlelight path of 1500 glowing candles lighting your way to Awakening

  • Aurora Diamond Plasma Rainbow Light Initiations with Cosmic Star Family

  • Retemplating & Activating our Avatar Multidimensional Selves into the New Earth Template

  • Divine Union Restoration

  • Inner Child Healing 

  • Quantum Clearing to remove distortions in your field and connect more fully to your High Heart Template

  • DNA Code Activations for Awakening

  • Star gazing in the desert, watching the constellations and shooting stars

  • Awaken to your Soul Essence, your Truth, your Innocence 

  • Meditate under the Majestic desert skies

  • Stay in domes overlooking the majestic red pink sands of the Wadi Rum Desert known for its stunning natural arches & mountains

  • Delve into the deep mystery and traditions back from the days of Mesopotamia and Babylonia

  • Journal as you imagine the scribes of old documenting all on papyrus scrolls

  • Sip traditional mint tea with the welcoming people, while listening to live Bedouin flute music

  • Spiritual adventures in the land of Lawrence of Arabia and Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade, imagining anything is possible

  • Visit exotic, colorful spice shops on the frankincense trail, become part of the bustling energy

  • Walk in the path of the Arabian nomads in the land of eternal mystery, experiencing the awe-inspiring rugged canyons and mountain landscapes

  • Surround yourself with your magical tribe and set collective intentions

  • Visit the startling beauty of the Rose City of Petra, with a backdrop of pink sandstone cliffs, sacred temples, alters and ruins, a UNESCO world heritage site

  • Be present, appreciating the Magic around you

  • Bedouin Camping in the rugged desert valley, stars as far as the eyes can see

  • Unwind as you float freely at the lowest elevation on earth at the Dead Sea

  • Rejuvenating mud healing treatments

Places we will visit: Petra, Dead Sea, Wadi Rum Desert, Wadi Mujib


Veronica Ruiz of Sacred Divine Goddess


This Retreat is Co-Facilitated by:

Richard and Rosalie Melchizedek of Starseeds Changing the World

Kryst Raia Ryan Melchizedek of Solar Union Ascension


Reza Raia and Kryst Ryan are a HieroGamic Sacred Union. Together they are Kryst Raia Ryan Melchizedek. Universal Founder Representatives. They have come together to help restore our Organic Templates. Fully devoted to the Resurrection of the Return of the Divine Mother, Father, God. To assist in the Divine Mission to bring Liberation, Sovereignty, Peace, Unity and Love back to our sacred lands, our brothers and sisters, our home.


Through their love, light codes and harmonics they are here to assist our Brothers and Sisters and all of God’s Creations during this Ascension Cycle, to be able to step into their True and Authentic Selves. Into their Eternal God Embodiment. They are here as your divine reflection, so that you can remember who you really are and have always been.

Richard Melchizedek and Rosalie Brigid are a Sacred Hierogamic Union. They are Christos Dragon Founders and Key Holders of the Maji Grail King and Queen Lineages that are here to restore the genetic libraries of our sacred Angelic Human Tribes. They hold a Divine Alchemical Union frequency and embodiment of pure Omni Love. They also play a role as Guardians of the Cathars and the New Earth Elemental Kingdoms. 


Richard and Rosalie are New Earth Leaders that are transmuting and crystalizing the Unity Consciousness Blueprint. They are activating the grand rising of our Sovereign Kings and Sovereign Queens and the returning of the Pendragon Lineages. Richard and Rosalie are Master Keyholders for the Diamond Sun Grail Lineages, Heart Alchemists, and Keepers of Hierogamic Edenic and Avalon Coding. Their Divine Mission is to complete the Emerald Covenant, anchor the Organic Ascension Timeline, and prepare for the great transition of humanity. They are here to restore our rightful place as Cosmic Citizens among the Interdimensional Free World Councils and Kingdoms of God.



Our Petra, Jordan retreat will take place in luxurious accommodations and glam camping in a Bedouin camp surrounded by mesmerizing and rugged terrain, a place like no other in the world. Bless yourself in ways never imagined by joining us on a journey of self-healing and sacred sisterhood.


• All ground transportation in Jordan

• All excursions and sacred gatherings

• 3 fresh, locally sourced meals

• Accommodations


  • International flights and airport taxes

  • Travel and Medical Insurance Required

  • Personal expenses


Your retreat package includes beautiful and comfortable accommodations in a double occupancy room. We will also experience a luxurious Bedouin Glam camp. If you will be traveling with a friend, you are welcome to room with them – otherwise, we will happily partner you with a roommate for the double occupancy price. Single occupancy rates available with a supplemental charge.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please wait to book your airline ticket until the retreat has been confirmed.  You will be notified via email.

• The arrival airport is Amman International airport.

The departure airport is Aqaba airport.

• Flying time will take 14 + hours to get there depending on where you are flying from in the US, so please make sure to allow enough flying/travel time to arrive on the start date of the retreat.

• Time Difference- Jordan is on GMT +3 time zone. 

• We will coordinate an airport shuttle pick up. Please arrive to the airport no later than 11am so we can commence our evening dinner and ceremony by 7 pm.

• A valid passport with at least one blank page is required to enter and exit Jordan. Passport must be valid for at least 6 months after entry date. Visas are required for US citizens and can be obtained upon arrival into an international airport ($56, cash only). Other nationalities check online for requirements. You must have a return ticket to exit Jordan.

• You will need to obtain a negative PCR COVID-19 test no more than 72 hours prior to the time of arrival into Jordan.


The cost for this amazing 6-day, 5-night retreat is $2322 for double occupancy, $2672 for single occupancy

There is also an upgrade option to stay in glass domes to be able to view the night's stars as you sleep! Super luxury and gorgeous domes! Extra $400 


• A $500 deposit is required in order to reserve your space

• Installment payment options are available in any increment until the final payment is paid one month before departure (no exceptions)

• There will be a late payment fee of $200, if the full amount is not paid by then


-PayPal: Divine Creations, LLC

Please send using Friends and Family, otherwise there is a 5% service fee added

-Zelle (an easy way to send free bank transfers):

-Credit Card: Please send us your email & we will send you an invoice

A 5% service fee will be added

Check- contact us for address details

Refund Policy

Please review our complete refund policy HERE.

Trip insurance is highly suggested for any unforeseen travel delays.


Upgraded Dome Option

Contact us

While further details, including retreat property address, check-in/check-out times, complete retreat schedule & packing list will be sent closer to retreat date and upon registration, please feel free to contact us with any questions at

Journey with us to an unforgettable, one of a kind experience in Jordan, fully immersed in starseed gatherings, sacred rituals, activations, ceremonies, meditation and relaxation. Our spiritual retreats are known for providing a platform for transformation, healing and beauty to reset and elevate into a higher state of Being.

If you feel called to join us on this deeply transformative journey, secure your space as soon as possible. Space is very limited!  We look forward to connecting with you in this Jordanian Adventure!

Join us on our

Egyptian Journey

right after Jordan!

It begins on October 12-19! 


Walk the narrow alleyways

In the ancient land

All around you are distant memories

You know them, you feel them

They light the way to understanding

They are a pathway home


Are you being called? Can you hear the ancient whispers?

Feel the pull? A journey of a lifetime

The City of Lights

Brings illumination to your consciousness

See the world through a higher perspective

Let it guide you to the present moment

The City of Lights is the door.

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