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Celestial Soul Journey

of Light Retreat


August 2023

Journey to the Sacred Valley of Peru, the land of intrigue and sacredness that goes beyond the cognitive mind. In these mystical lands, feel the power and be activated to the next level of consciousness. Just the thought of the Crystal City of Machu Picchu brings up a knowing that you MUST go. The legendary beauty of this magnificent city defies description. People come from all over the world, to trek to this city, shrouded in mystery. 


We begin our journey in Cusco, the old capital of the Incan empire, and the entrance to the Sacred Valley. Cusco holds the essence of the olden days in its Spanish colonial architecture and archeological remains that captures these quintessential memories. Step back in time walking the cobble stone streets as we commence our spiritual journey.


Guided by a local Shaman, we will experience the true soul of the culture. Our adventure will take us to powerful energetic portals and breathtaking hiking trails. We will participate in inspiring spiritual rituals and ceremonies in ancient temples to feel the intrinsic magic of the sacred land. Receive Light Code Activations and Transmissions to open, recharge and recalibrate your vibrational frequency. At higher elevations, the air is thinner and can offer you a space of deeper connection. Meditation at these elevations will enhance your transformational journey. 


The landscape of Peru awakens the senses, see the llamas and alpacas, with the lush backdrop of the terraced mountains, observe the farmers and native people living much today as they did back in the ancient times. The Inca culture still abounds in the descendants of Peru and you will sense this as you wander through the villages, meeting the locals and tasting their authentic food. Their smiles and purity shines through, welcoming and beaconing you to continue on your journey to awakening.


We will be journeying to Lake Titicaca, the world’s highest lake that carries much ancient lore. This is a place of immense beauty, and in the days of old it was a place people went to for purification. We will then journey to the whimsical Rainbow Mountains, an energetic portal, striped with colors of all hues, a marker to the heavens. 


"Peru sparks your imagination like no other place"

No one comes back from Peru the same. The areas surrounding Cusco, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca are considered to be the Sacral Chakra of the Earth. The sacral chakra carries the wisdom of fertility and creativity. Traveling to these places amplifies your connection to universal wisdom and knowledge. These are energy centers that are believed to be high vibrational points that align perfectly with astrological constellations. These ley lines are associated with some of the most sacred temples and sites around the world.


Want to harness these powerful energies? Want to transform? Come to Peru.

Want to connect deep within yourself? Come to Peru.


The Gathering

For 9 magical days, we will go on a deep transformational adventure. The Peruvian landscape will be the perfect setting for inner exploration to align ourselves with the ancient wisdom of the land. Our days will be filled with an abundance of sacred sites, gatherings, ceremonies and Light Code Activations.


Our spiritual retreats are known for providing a platform for healing and inner growth to reset and elevate into a higher state of consciousness.


Here’s just some of what you can expect at the Celestial Soul Journey, Light Activation Retreat:

*Learn Andean Mysticism with our local Shaman

*Energetic Transmissions to tap into higher dimensional frequencies

*Trek to Machu Picchu, the Crystal City, one of the 7 wonders of the world, surrounded in the spectacular beauty of this mystical land

*Meditate on the majestic Andes Mountains, the longest mountain chain in the world

*Native Spiritual Ceremonies to connect to Universal Consciousness

*Experience an evening homestay with the local people in a traditional setting, learning and sharing stories

*Participate in ritual to connect deep within to hear the inner messages that come when you enter sacred lands

*Channeled Light Activation Codes to open your channels to higher truths

*Pranayam for lightness of being

*Go on a deep spiritual Journey

*Visit sacred sites, ruins and temples

*Savor the local Peruvian cuisine

*Sacred offering ceremonies to Pachamama, Mother Earth

*Travel with other women and men hearing the call. You will have your own inner journey in the company of others wanting to open to the next level

*The new you will be ready to emerge, in the ancient land, in the ancient mountains.


Journey with us to an unforgettably magical adventure in Peru, experience the peaceful mystery and tranquility, be fully immersed in gatherings, sacred rituals, and an experience of a lifetime!

Walk the land of the ancient ones...

The land of intrigue...

The land of Sacredness. 

In ceremony, you will find the inner messages that come when you enter sacred lands



  • All ground transportation in Peru

  • All excursions, meditations, ceremonies, shamanic experiences and sacred gatherings

  • Entrance fees to archeological sites

  • Daily Breakfast, plus 6 lunches and dinners

  • Accommodations

  • Shamans and Guides in Andean culture



  • International flights and airport taxes

  • Personal expenses

  • A few lunches and dinners when out on excursions

  • Gratuities for the local guides, shamans and drivers

  • Travel and Medical Insurance, highly recommended. Travel interruptions & strikes are common in Peru. We will be in remote settings and in higher elevations, so medical insurance is recommended.



Our Peru retreat will take place at various beautiful and comfortable hotels or villas, in single or double occupancy. If you will be traveling with a friend, you are welcome to room with them – otherwise, we will happily partner you with a roommate for the double occupancy price.




• Our retreat will begin in Cusco. Please book your flight into Cusco (CUZ).

• Most flights into Cusco will require a stop in Lima. We suggest flying a day or two before the retreat. Please make sure to allow enough flying/travel time to arrive on the start date of the retreat.

• Suggested flight itinerary: home city to Lima round trip, one way Lima to Cusco, one way Juliaca to Lima (make sure your international flight home from Lima is in the evening or later!) Once you register, we will be sending you full information on how to book your flights and can assist you in the process!  

• Peru is the same time zone as Chicago.


VERY IMPORTANT- WE WILL BE STARTING OUR RETREAT IN CUSCO to travel to the Sacred Valley. We will pick you up from the Cusco Airport that morning.

However, we highly recommend that you arrive into Cusco the night before to make sure you do not have any travel delays or missed connections since we will be departing that morning to the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. You do NOT want to miss this part due to delayed travel.


Veronica will already be in Cusco, please contact me if you would like ANY travel assistance on where to stay the night before. We can help you coordinate any travel arrangements as well to make sure you feel safe and comfortable.


• A valid passport with at least one blank page is required to enter and exit Peru. Visas are not required for US citizens. You must have a return ticket to exit Peru.



• The cost for this amazing 9-day, 8-night retreat is $3200 for double occupancy; $3800 single occupancy


• A $500 deposit is required in order to reserve your space.

• Installment payment options are available in any increment until the final payment is paid one month prior to departure (no exceptions).

• There will be a late payment fee of $100, if the full amount is not paid by then. If you need more time, please message me directly.




  • PayPal: Divine Creations, LLC


        Please send using Friends and Family, otherwise there is a 5% service fee added.

  • Credit Card: Please send us your email & we will send you an invoice.

         A 5% service fee will be added.

Refund Policy

Please review our complete refund policy HERE 


Note: Sometimes when overseas, modifications to the schedule may occur due to natural or political events, but we will follow the spirit of the original itinerary.


Note: Much of this trip will take place at high elevations. Make sure you are in good physical condition and have no heart conditions. Hiking, climbing and a lot of walking are part of this itinerary. 


Contact us

While further details, including check-in/check-out times, complete retreat schedule & packing list will be sent closer to the retreat date, please feel free to contact us with any questions at


If you feel called to join us on this deeply transformative journey, secure your space as soon as possible. Space is very limited!  We look forward to connecting with you in this Peruvian Awakening!

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